So what’s new in Birmingham?
Kenya, June 2011: An African Adventure (Part 2)
Welcome to my blog!

I'm Emmalene, a 40 something with a passion for travel, theatre, food, drink and the occasional accidental hike! I'm a born-and-bred Birmingham native so expect lots of Brum content on here too...

Kenya, June 2011: Up Close and Personal with a Masaai Warrior
Kenya, June 2011 – On Safari!
Kenya: Our first African Adventure
Paris in the Springtime: Montmartre and Sacre Coueur
April 2011: Paris in the Springtime (Part 2)
April 2011: Paris in the Springtime (Part 1)
2011: Birth of a photographer (and a psychology graduate!)
Edinburgh Nov 2010 – A snowy anniversary weekend (Part 2)

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