Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List – How Many Have You Visited?

Lonely Planet have released their list of 500 Ultimate Travel Sights – Mr Fletche and I have a long long way to go before we’ve even ticked off the top 20 (I haven’t even done the British Museum can you believe!)
1.    Temples of Angkor, Cambodia
2.    Great Barrier Reef, Australia
3.    Machu Picchu, Peru
4.    Great Wall of China
5.    Taj Mahal, India
6.    Grand Canyon, USA
7.    Colosseum, Italy
8.    Iguazu Falls, Argentina
9.    Alhambra, Spain
10.    Aya Sofya, Turkey
11.    Fez Medina, Morocco
12.    Twelve Apostles, Australia
13.    Petra, Jordan
14.    Tikal, Guatemala
15.    British Museum, England
16.    Sagrada Familia, Spain
17.    Fiordland National Park, New Zealand
18.    Santorini, Greece
19.    Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
20.    Museum of Old and New Art, Australia
How many of these amazing sights have you visited – and do they deserve their place in the top 20?  And what should we DEFINITELY put on our travel wish list?

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