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Free Everyman Cinema tickets…And the winner is?

Things I’ve won:

I may have been trampled on by this donkey.

I may have been trampled on by this donkey.

See, I don’t win often, but when I win, I win good.  And to add to this list – two free tickets to Birmingham’s Everyman Cinema for their first late-night Tarantino showing on Saturday night.  (Technically not sure I could be classed as a winner when the only effort I put in was to click the Retweet button.)  And so this is how Mr Fletche and I find ourselves getting ready to go out on a Saturday night long after we have usually put on our pyjamas, brewed the cocoa and settled down to some inane reality show/celebrity quiz show/James Bond repeat.

For anyone that doesn’t know, Everyman is a cinema, bar and diner, where cinema-goers can lounge on comfy sofas and order food and drink from the bar to be served whilst watching a movie.  It’s a bit like watching a movie in your living room – except you can’t pause the film to nip to the loo, and they may frown on you wearing your pyjamas and a facepack.  But at £12.50 a ticket, I must admit that I would struggle to justify paying these costs normally, especially as drink prices are also on a par with those at the surrounding Mailbox bars and restaurants (£5.20 for a small glass of wine, £5+ for a pint of locally produced Purity ale).


But tonight the tickets are free.  So we splash out on drinks and order a pizza to share (the film doesn’t start til 11:30 ish – it’s been hours since our last meal).  We’re welcomed to the film personally by the venue manager – you don’t get that at Cineworld – and we’re treated to Tarantino clips, soundtrack and a quiz before the showing of Reservoir Dogs.  I am slightly worried about falling asleep, particularly once I’ve kicked off my shoes and sprawled across Mr Fletche, cuddling a cushion (quickly put down when I wander who else may have cuddled this cushion before me…).  But I make it through the movie without snoozing, snoring or salivating.

A snoozefest waiting to happen...

A snoozefest waiting to happen…

So thank you Everyman Cinema, and as an occasional cinema-goer rather than a regular, Everyman may well become our go-to venue.  And I’ll keep my eye out for more Twitter competitions to win.

N.B. Mr Fletche and I enjoyed thinking of alternative Tarantino themed “brands”.  We are thinking of starting a running club around a local lake and calling it “Reservoir Jogs”.  Or a horror movie festival in a seaside town in North Wales – “Kill Rhyl”.  Or a fruit and veg shop – “Mango Unchained”.

You can find out more about Everyman cinemas here


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