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A Year in Review: Stuff About Me…

Stuff about me…

Jobs: In July 2015, I finished my 18 month contract at the University of Warwick. It was sad to leave, but I was only ever baby-sitting the role and I felt there were no long-term prospects which would suit my aspirations. I was confident that I’d walk straight into a suitable role, but it turned out that the job market in summer 2015 was a little quiet – hence my increased blogging and social media presence. A couple of interviews came and went; then in October I was given the opportunity to temp until Christmas at the Big Lottery Fund. I’ve enjoyed my time as a Funding Officer, but this too now comes to an end and its back to scrutinising the job boards, polishing my CV and improving my interview skills. The right role will no doubt come along soon, but if anyone has need for an excellent Learning & Development Coordinator in the West Midlands…bear me in mind!


Graduation: On June 2nd at 5:30pm, I came out of my final exam and breathed a huge sigh of relief. It was all over. After four years of (mostly) juggling distance learning study and full-time work, I – barring any ridiculous errors – would finally be awarded my BSc Honours in Psychology. And on 17th October, I took my place on the Symphony Hall stage and received my degree, wearing the blue, navy and gold of an Open University graduate. My aim was to get a degree by the time I was 40, and now I’m wondering if I have time to squeeze in a quick Masters too…

Symphony Hall

Samson: In May, we said a sad goodbye to our little ginger four-legged friend. There was a torturous 24 hours when our cat – who rarely ventured any further than the back door – was missing, and the not-knowing tore our little world apart. And then we received the sad news from one of our neighbours that he had been hit by a car the previous morning. Mr Fletche and I were devastated; we grieved, we cried, we mourned our “baby”, but slowly we have adjusted to a kitty-free household. I can once more wear black without accessorising with a coat of ginger hairs. I am no longer woken up by having my eyelids licked by a sandpaper tongue. I have not had to deal with rodent innards spread around the house. But we still miss that ball of fluff spread out over the bathroom floor warmed by the central heating pipes.

Tomorrow: A Year in Review – What’s Next?

Puss in Boots

RIP Puss in Boots xx


3 responses to “A Year in Review: Stuff About Me…”

  1. Rebecca Royy says:

    Wow! Lots of Happenings! Good luck on the job front, congratulations on the degree, and condolences on the loss of you baby.

  2. Matthew Vokes says:

    Even though you were only with us for a short stint, “The Fund’ and LSF will never be the same. I wish you all the luck in the world with getting the job of your dreams, but almost certain with your skills, luck won’t be needed.

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