Recurring travel habits…

I’ve been re-reading and updating some of my old travel blogs to add on here, and I noticed that some phrases, activities and patterns are often repeated through each trip. Here are some of the things I’ve noticed so far:

  • I complain about walking anywhere. A lot
  • There are always shoe-related issues, which contribute to the above
  • We worry about using public transport, then love it when we do and wonder why we haven’t used it earlier
  • We always eat in at least one tourist trap restaurant on a main square which has pictures of food on a board outside or a set “touristic” menu, despite swearing we wont set foot inside
  • We drink in at least one bar which feels like no tourist has ever entered before
  • I will attempt a few words in the local language, then panic in case people think I am fluent and continue the conversation
  • Comfy beds and early nights win over late-night drinking sessions
  • We never eat or drink in the restaurants or bars I have meticulously researched, although I always point them out as we pass
  • I remember bars and restaurants I’ve researched easily, but always fail to remember any important historical or cultural facts about a city
  • I am easily bribed by alcohol
  • Completing a three-day carefully planned itinerary in one afternoon, and then wandering around aimlessly with no particular place to go.
  • At some point we will stand on a street corner with a map looking confused, hoping someone doesn’t ask if they can help because we don’t know where we’re trying to go
  • We love a good free walking tour
  • We’re not very cultured and prefer architecture, gardens and parks to museums and galleries
  • We have a penchant for tacky fridge magnets (particularly those with bottle openers attached) and Christmas decorations. And souvenir bottles of local alcohol which will never be opened, or will be mixed in some exotic concoction on New Years Eve when all the wine has been drank.
  • We will always open every drawer and cupboard when we check into our room, celebrate the presence/mourn the absence of a kettle, loudly proclaim “and this is the bathroom…” like a substandard estate agent, and click every light switch to “see what it does…”

What are your travel habits? And which ones will you try and break in 2016?


26 Replies to “Recurring travel habits…”

  1. Haha so any of these are true for us too. The language one particularly – I once good involved in a French bakery conversation that involved a lot of laughing as I had plucked up the courage on day three of the holiday to place a 5 item order confidently in French. The shame πŸ™‚

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  2. Inevitably my boyfriend with his long legs will want to walk eeeverywhere and me with much shorter legs will protest and he will refuse to take any form of transportation and then my feet will usually be in such rough shape we have to for the next day. WITHOUT FAIL 😠😠😠😠

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    1. And you will always switch every light on apart from the one you want. And don’t get me started on those ipad controlled things where you flush the toilet when you want to open your curtains…


    1. Good tips Jennifer – only some times you can’t work out who are the locals and who are the tourists! I guess the locals don’t need menus with pictures on them…


  3. Lol I loved that you complain about walking but love a free walking tour!! πŸ˜‰

    I’ve done most of these too! I really feel the same way about architecture and gardens, rather than museums and galleries.

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