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Out and About in Brum: February 2016

The first Sunday in February sees us meeting Sarah on her commute from Wolverhampton to London via Brum. We agree to meet her at Tapas Revolution in the new Grand Central, and is the first chance we’ve had to have a good look around.  Mr Fletche immediately wants to seek out the highest vantage point he can, which is how we find ourselves on the roof of the Grand Central car park for these shots.

Brum from above1Brum from above2Brum from above3

Food, drink and company was great; I’ve never really explored tapas too much (I’m of the “Joey doesn’t share food” sentiment) but would definitely return if passing through. Disappointing lack of churros though earning a minus mark from the Fletcher family.  We bid our farewells to Sarah as she heads for the depths of the train station, and we had out into Sunday afternoon Brum. We’re not driving, so we decide it would be a good idea to check out the cocktails at The Botanist. Now, this is our second visit to this Temple Row bar; however the first ended with us storming out after failing to be served at the bar after a 10 minute wait. There’s no such problem on this Sunday afternoon, and I can report that my Rose Cosmo definitely warranted the second chance. Contrary to our first (Saturday night) visit, there’s almost a chilled, laidback vibe, with live music and a thick beer menu to keep us entertained. It’s also very family friendly, which was something of a surprise.

I promised to take Mr Fletche to somewhere which would beat his car park treat for me. It wasn’t difficult… and Tilt comes complete with pinball to accompany its coffee, beer and cake offering. We soon establish that I am not very good at pinball, and I have a vocabulary to rival a dockers when my balls refuse to go where I want them. We leave before I can do some damage by kicking the machines, but not before a slice of tasty chocolate peanut butter cake which goes someway to making up for the lack of churros at Tapas Revolution.


Tilt Birmingham


Everyone loves funk right? There’s just something about a horn section and a Hammond organ that makes you want to dance. Which is how we found ourselves in Moseley for an early Valentine’s/not-Valentine’s date at The Dark Horse. Since the wonderful Yardbird was laid to rest thanks to the Paradise renovations, there’s been a gap in the market for a funk and soul night (although Craig Charles’ visit to Hare and Hounds a couple of years ago was a great night that I can barely remember…), but The Dark Horse and Root Down presented live music in the form of The Funk Soul Collective.

Not wanting to arrive at the party too soon, we reserved a table so that we could eat beforehand. At 7:30, there were a couple of tables available, but any later and diners would have struggled to get a table. Dark Horse is famed for its pizza, and Mr Fletche certainly enjoyed his Farmageddon. I opted for the southern fried chicken in a wonderfully light brioche bun with their well-cooked fries. It’s the second time we’ve eaten here, and we’ve have great food both times; it’s our go-to place in Moseley for food (although the fish and chips at Flakes smelt delightful when we passed…).

We worked off the calories from our food in the venue upstairs. Not through dancing initially, but through shivering. We surreptitiously tried to cosy up to others in the hope of sharing body heat, but eventually the beat hits our feet and we’re jiggling along to the band.

A good night all round, only slightly marred by the fact that whooping and hollering with a slightly sore throat left me sounding like a whispering Marge Simpson…an interesting prospect with a two hour job interview and presentation just two days later. And not for an 0800 sex line.

Dark Horse Moseley


What to do and where to eat when you’re going out in a group with varying dietary requirements? How about a Chinese buffet? And so we find ourselves having pre-dinner drinks at The Dragon Wetherspoon before dining at Ming Moon on Hurst Street. Haven’t been in here since its days as Barracuda… It’s busy, it’s noisy but there’s a decent selection of food to suit all of our tastes (although the dessert selection was a little minimalistic by the time we got to our final course). For £16 per head (excluding drinks) it’s a reasonable option, however I’m sure that there are far superior Chinese restaurants in this area of town.

The Old Fox

We finishoff the night at The Old Fox.  This Victorian bar is a combination of “old man’s” pub, museum of old theatre posters, and a gateway to Birmingham’s gay quarter, with reasonably priced drinks and a great selection of classics on the jukebox. This has been a pre/post theatre favourite of ours for years, but some of our group had never encountered The Old Fox and its quirky clientele before…quite entertaining for Mr Fletche and I :mrgreen:. No celebs in tonight but my dad still dines out on his story of sharing a bar with Janine from Eastenders…


Out and About in Brum Feb




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