Planning a 2 day Copenhagen itinerary

The quickest way to cause a panic attack in a Brummie Home and Abroad would be to drop me in a foreign city where I have done no research, no forward-planning, or am relying on Mr Fletche to decide on the activities. I break out in a cold sweat just thinking about not knowing how to get from airport to hotel, not knowing how to say at least hello, goodbye and thank you in the local language or not having a clue which attractions are open on a Monday.  So here is my preliminary itinerary for next week’s Copenhagen trip.  As always, this is highly likely to change…we won’t make everywhere on the list, we may spend too much time people-watching or drinking Carlsberg or eating smorgasbord but I like to have a plan to at least start with…

Arrival Day (Sunday)

  • Arrive at Copenhagen Airport (Københavns Lufthavn)
  • M2 Metro from the airport to Kongens Nytorv, then a five minute walk to our hotel on Bredgade
  • Check-in, quick unpack and freshen up (no time for a snooze…)
  • Catch a canal boat tour from Nyhavn? We’ll have to be speedy, final one is at 18:05!
  • Spend evening around Nyhavn (yep, we know, tourist central…don’t judge!), maybe stroll along the promenade towards Slotsholmen
  • Dinner and drinks in this area?
Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark
Nyhavn. Where the tourists go.


  • Today’s the day for exploring the city – and where better to start than with a Free Copenhagen Walking Tour?. This three hour tour starts at Rådhuspladsen (Town Hall Square) and takes in Tivoli Gardens (from the outside) and Strøget, Medieval Copenhagen, Statue of Bishop Absalon, Kongens Nytorv, Magasin Du Nord, the Old Royal Theatre and historical Hotel d’Angleterre, Nyhavn and Amalienborg Palace
  • The tour ends conveniently near our hotel for a quick lunchtime snack and drink
  • Continue along Larsens Place to wave hello to the Little Mermaid
  • Stroll around the Kastellet gardens
  • Head towards Rosenborg Slot and enjoy its gardens in the hopefully sunny spring weather (castle itself is closed on a Monday…this is why I do research!)
  • Climb the Rundetaarn
  • If we missed out on a canal tour yesterday we might be able to fit one in tonight
  • Spend evening around the Norreport area
Little Mermaid, Disney
Not this Little Mermaid…

Tuesday (and Mr Fletche’s birthday!)

This is where the plan gets a bit woolly and I will present multiple options to the birthday boy.  These options include:

  • Getting the train to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which is about 35km north of the city. There’s a sculpture garden and even a beach! On a fine day you can see across the sound to Sweden…
  • Visit Sweden. OK, Mr Fletche has already been to Sweden but this is a chance for me tick another country off the list (although that doesn’t mean I won’t return in future for a more thorough examination).  Trains to Malmo travel over the Øresund Bridge – star of Scandi drama “The Bridge” – and it takes just 35 minutes from Central Copenhagen to get to a whole new other country (Note to self.  Remember passport.  Otherwise they won’t let us in)
  • Cross over to Christianshavn and visit Christiania. Hear conflicting stories on whether its tourist friendly or not, and would be nervous of taking photos… should we or shouldn’t we visit this “freetown”?  Of course, if we’re in Christianshavn we can also climb the spiralling 400 steps of Von Frelsers Kirke for views back over Copenhagen
  • If the weather’s a bit inclement, there’s always the Carlsberg Brewery Tour, a short bus ride away from the centre.   Beer.  History.  More beer.  Also closed on Monday’s so it’s today or no day
  • Birthday dinner. Booked at Nørrebro Bryghus but will take any other recommendations or suggestions for a nice (but not too pricey) meal… Budget doesn’t extend to Noma.


It’s a hop, skip and a train journey to a whole other country!

Departure Day

Theres just enough time to pick up the obligatory tacky souvenirs (a Little Mermaid fridge magnet is surely a must) before heading back to Københavns Lufthavn and back home to Brum

Are there any must-sees I’m missing out on here?  We’re not really gallery and museum people, and like to mix enjoying local culture with the tourist hotspots.  We know Copenhagen is an  expensive city to eat and drink in but where are the low/medium price but high quality hidden gems?

We promise to tell all about our trip when we return!


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