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Reflections…Am I a real blogger?

A Brummie Home and Abroad is almost a year old yet I still find it awkward to call myself a blogger.

When I first tentatively starting reporting my trips online, blogging was as it said on the tin.  I was “logging” on the “web”.  I started doing this for three reasons:

  1. To keep an online memory of what I’d done and where I’d been, much the same as I would do with photographs
  2. So that I didn’t have to keep repeating over and over to family and friends all the details of my trip
  3. To give some (hopefully) useful info back to people who had shared their tips and suggestions with me online beforehand

 A fourth – and probably the most important – reason is that I enjoyed writing, taking my experiences and presenting them in an amusing way, like a storyteller.  I never wanted to simply list what I’d done (“I went here, and then I went there, and then I went somewhere else…” Zzzzzzzz); I wanted readers to share how I felt, what I saw and heard, to capture snippets of conversations and be able to work through my thoughts in writing.

I’d never even thought to write a blog until Mr Fletche and I went to America for the first time in September 2010.  There was so much going on, so many different sights and experiences that keeping a diary was the only way I could remember anything.  And I’d read other people’s stories beforehand and had found them so useful.  So I carried on capturing our trips from then on.  But make no bones about it…I’m more on the tourist end of the spectrum than a traveller.  I don’t travel in order to create a blog; I simply create a blog from what I do and where I go.  And I’m not convinced that anyone ever reads it anyway.  Apart from my mom and dad (Hi Ma & Pa Lee!).  I’m not even convinced Mr Fletche reads it…

So when I decided to create my own blogpage, rather than using Travelpod, I had a bit of a look at what else was in there in the blogging world.  And it was an eye-opener.  Quite frankly, it scared the bejeesus out of me.  Apparently I had to “network”.  I had to be “visible”.  Know about “SEO” and “keywords”.  Set up social media accounts on every single platform going.  Think of a catchy name that “captured the essence of my blog”.  And that’s the stuff I’ll never be particularly good at.  I soon realised that I didn’t go on enough holidays to legitimately call  myself a “travel blogger”.  So I decided to capture local stuff too.  And I realised that I didn’t go out to enough different places to legitimately call myself a  “Birmingham blogger”.

I’d be a terrible food blogger… I don’t have a particularly sophisticated palate, and I’m always slightly embarrassed taking photos of my food.  And it’s usually half eaten before I remember anyway.  Food reviews would generally consist of “Mmm, food was nice!”  with the occasional “well-presented” thrown in.  And when I see networking and PR events aimed at local bloggers I always assume they can’t mean me.  Because unless it’s something that would interest Ma & Pa Lee, it’s not going to reach the intended audience.

But I’m going to persevere.  I don’t think I’ll ever make any money from blogging.  I don’t think I’ll ever get any more than a smattering of followers.  But it gives me a creative outlet – I love to write, I love to travel and I love eating and drinking around Birmingham.  And so I’ll carry on doing it for me.   And for Ma & Pa Lee.



9 thoughts on “Reflections…Am I a real blogger?

  1. I think you’re looking at things too analytically, and also doing yourself disservice! You write a blog, therefore you are a blogger. You don’t have to have a niche to be doing a good job. And if you enjoy it and it’s for you before anyone else then numbers don’t really matter.

    Those are all the things I tell myself, anyway!


    1. I went to my first Bloggers event last night and realised that not everyone is a super-duper pro blogger…loads of people are just like me! And you’re right, this is for me, and if anyone else stumbles across my blog it’s a bonus! After all, you found me 😁

      Thanks for reading and commenting x

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    1. I have been thinking about going to a blogging conference for a while now and I don’t know when I will have the guts to do it. I also relate to you in the sense that I don’t know where I stand as a blogger. I feel as though I am forced to do so much outreach and if I don’t I’ll fall behind and this blog will be a spec of dust in the oblivion. I just try to step out of my comfort zone a little more each and every day until I can finally be proud of my little space on the internet.


      1. I think that if your blog becomes a struggle or you have to force yourself to network then it’s time to take a step back. You should definitely be proud that you have this outlet, and enjoying it is key to being a successful blogger…even if it’s just in your own small circle 😊

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