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Out and About in Brum: August 2016 (Part 1)

Out and About in Brum August1
Turns out we were out and about so much in August that this blog requires a sequel!
My first out and about was the Brum Bloggers social event at the Gin Vault…you can read all about that here!
6/8/2016. Let’s go out for a few drinks Mr Fletche says early evening.  We don’t have to stay out late.  I remind Mr Fletche of this as we’re catching the 2 minutes past midnight bus from outside Selfridges.  We start our evening over at Cherry Reds on John Bright Street.  I remember this area, growing up with Sam Wellers and Bizzy Lizzy’s and Orleans nightclub, but it became something of a forgotten area through the last decade so it’s great to see that with the arrival of Turtle Bay, Brew Dog, Cherry Reds and the like it’s become a bustling hub once more.  The proximity to Grand Central probably helps too. Mr Fletche loves Cherry Reds because of its selection of German and Belgian beers; I love it because there is always the opportunity to purchase a huge slice of cake at any hour.  Not as though I ever have, but it’s nice to know that the option is there.  We peruse the menu, but after walking past The Stable earlier, that’s where we have our heart set on eating.  Remember, I only eat pizza when I’m on holiday so this is a big concession for me.

The Stable Birmingham John Bright Street Pizza Cider

The Stable Birmingham. Photo from official website

I like the set-up here.  Big long tables, order at the bar, a simple menu…pizzas, pies, salads.  Mr Fletche isn’t over-impressed with the beer selection, but to be fair it is all about the cider here rather than the beer.  We share a garlic bread, a Longhorn Jim pizza and a side salad.  This pizzaphobe declares this the best pizza this side of the channel.  I’ll definitely be back*  Mr Fletche is just happy that we have a pizza option here in the UK that I won’t turn my nose up at.
* I am indeed back, later in the month for the Yelp Bham event!
We’re really not dressed for an evening at the swanky champagne bar at the top of the Cube, but we wing it anyway.  Mr Fletche wants to catch the sunset, and it’d be rude not to partake in a drink whilst we’re there.  It’s a bit windy on the terrace; my windswept hair makes me look more like Hagrid than MPW’s usual clientele.  However the only thing that upsets security is when I squat on the floor to juggle my handbag, phone and drink… there’s a knock on the glass window behind me and they give me the wagging finger.  So looking like something that the cat dragged in is perfectly acceptable, as long as you don’t sit on the floor whilst doing it….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From a Cube sunset, we blend in much better with the clientele at the Shakespeare on Lower Temple Street.  Revellers are spilling out into the street on this unexpectedly warm evening (unexpected for August) so there’s plenty of seating available inside.  We decide to have one more for the road at The Wellington “because it’s on the way back to the bus stop”.  It’s not really but who am I to argue.  It seems there are all sorts of shenanigans going on upstairs, with policemen and paramedics in attendance.  We try and find Welly the cat to give us the gossip but he’s sensibly nowhere to be seen.  It’s tempting to have one more ‘one more for the road’ but we’re sensible, and for once, we time our arrival at the bus stop just right to catch that 00:02 bus back home.Capture
Cherry Reds
The Stable
Marco Pierre Whites Steakhouse Bar and Grill
The Shakespeare
The Wellington
13/8/2016 & 14/8/2016:  I drop Mr Fletche off mid-morning in the glamorous location that is Salford Circus underneath Spaghetti Junction.  He’s off to an IgersBirmingham instameet, capturing the concrete jungle that is the underbelly of the M6.  It seems there is some beauty to be found here…

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I get a call at 2pm saying IgersBirmingham have now decamped to the pub.  I get a call at 5:30pm saying IgersBirmingham are still in the pub.  I wonder about the quality of photos they will be producing at this point.  Mr Fletche decides his best course of action is to invite me to partake in the pub action, so I find myself half an hour later being introduced to the remaining Igers at the Old Contemptibles.  The highlight of the evening however is the poor man who decides to go out drinking wearing bowling shoes, who becomes the focus of multiple football-style chants about his apparently inappropriate footwear.  Whole stories are being told about these shoes; it is like an opera unfolding before us.  Mr Fletche and I part from the Igers to grab some food at Utopia.  We are still humming the bowling shoes song, and will be for some days to come I fear.
On the Sunday, it’s the last Digbeth Dining Club / Hare & Hounds street closure of the summer.  It’s become something of a habit now, and a nice way to spend a Sunday lunchtime.  We get there early as usual, before all the crowds and the queues, where we can peruse the food on offer because making a choice.  Mr Fletche goes for Italian; I go for Greek from Street Souvlaki.  We even manage to get ourselves a table this time rather than sitting on the kerb as usual.  One of the reasons we’ve come up here today is also for Mr Fletche to acquire some vinyl for his newly purchased turntable.  His record collection of classics were sold off in an ill-advised move in the past.  My record collection of Bros, Brother Beyond and Bananarama may (or may not) be in my loft somewhere.  So before Sunday, the newly purchased turntable was just an expensive ornament.  Rooting through the thousands of LPs on the stalls, I amazingly find another copy of Brother Beyond…Mr Fletche just shakes his head.  We come away a little later clutching 5 albums – and not a Brother Beyond in sight.  I console myself with buying brownies.
The Old Contemptibles
Digbeth Dining Club
Coming in Part 2…Searching for a Sunday Roast in Moseley; Digbeth (it’s that Dining Club again…); and discovering the Eastside 🙂

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