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An open letter to Tenerife* Restaurant Managers

Dear Tenerife* Restaurant Owners and Managers,

(*Insert other resort here where applicable)

I would like to take this opportunity to chat to you about your “greeters” or “PRs” or “Front of House Staff” or whatever term you use.  Personally, I call them nuisances.  And this is the polite term.  I would like to make some suggestions on how NOT to lure me into your restaurant
Do not:

Yours, most respectfully
Mrs A Brummie Home and Abroad
*Insert other resort here where applicable


3 responses to “An open letter to Tenerife* Restaurant Managers”

  1. […] waiters standing outside, clearly waiting to pounce on anyone that looks like they may want to eat..a particular bugbear of mine; the other is an Italian restaurant (and I take exception to eating “foreign” when I want to […]

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  3. […] Back in the car and it’s a quick detour to the disappointing Calypsos Cave. Disappointing largely because I have no idea where the cave actually is. There are stunning views over the red sands of Ramla Bay though. Next we head to the seaside town of Marsalforn. With it’s al fresco cafes on the seafront all thoughts of our rapidly cooling meat pie and two cheese pastizzi disappear as we settle down for a traditional Maltese sandwich (ftira) with chips and a cheeky Aperol Spritz. We have to run the gauntlet first of staff trying to welcome us into their restaurant. There are three in a row. It’s Tenerife all over again. […]

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