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A Street Food Kind of Weekend

Birmingham has an amazing Street Food Scene. And an Independent scene. And I fully took advantage of it last weekend...
There’s no doubt that some weekends you just don’t want to cook. Your finger lingers over the Just Eat app. You contemplate your local Toby Carvery or Hungry Horse. But one of the best things about Birmingham is its street food scene, and this past weekend we made the most of all the events going on.

Independent Birmingham Festival

The Independent Birmingham Festival celebrated the best local businesses with food, drink, arts, crafts and music
I’ve raved about Independent Birmingham in the past, and the great things that Joe has done to promote local businesses, including the introduction of an annual membership card which gives holders discounts and deals at some of the best independent bars, cafes, restaurants, entertainment venues and shops in Birmingham. And last weekend saw the inaugural Independent Birmingham festival at The Bond in Digbeth, showcasing and celebrating local food, drink, music, arts and crafts.
With so much delicious food and drink on offer, Mr Fletche and I opted for drinks from Clink and from The Victoria (I also had a sneaky glass of red wine from Connolly’s whilst Mr Fletche wasn’t looking) and then we jumped in the queue for The Church, whose cajun grilled pork was carved straight from great chunks of meat hanging over a firepit and served on Peel & Stone buns. Delish.
You can see some of the photos from the day here…I was too busy eating and drinking to take any (bad blogger…)

Digbeth Dining Club – Spotlight and Mama Rouxs

Burritos from Habaneros - Birmingham's street food scene is thriving!

Pic from Independent Birmingham website

We made the mistake of not going home after the Indepedent Birmingham Festival. Instead we met up with some of Mr Fletche’s photo buddies in the Old Crown, where thoughts turned to food after a few drinks. Which is how we found ourselves pondering our second street food meal of the day. This time it was the Saturday appearance of Digbeth Digbeth Club – what did we do when they just opened on Fridays? This time it was burritos from Habaneros, a messy affair stuffed full of chilli beef and all the accompaniments. Much of it may have ended up on my shoes.

Digbeth Dining Club – Hare & Hounds Street Closure

Mr Fletche is out doing photography things, so I decide to treat Pa Lee to a fancy lunch out. Destination Kings Heath. More specifically, the Digbeth Dining Club/Hare & Hounds Street Closure – a regular event over the summer months which I love. After an early stop at the bar (11:30 is totally acceptable for a beer right? Particularly when you’re getting over the bottle of  Portugese wine drunk during the Eurovision Contest the night before – yes, we predicted the winner through our choice of drink) we both opt for the Lebanese chicken kebab from The Middle Feast. Our food attracts lots of admiring glances from fellow hungry visitors and we consider making a sign that says “It’s from Middle Feast. It’s the Lebanese Chicken. It’s scrummy”

We need to step away from the street food this weekend. And maybe get some vegetables inside us.


7 responses to “A Street Food Kind of Weekend”

  1. Ritu says:

    But with all that yummy food who can blame you!!!

  2. Phil Taylor says:

    Instead of London, I think I want to go to Birmingham the next time I make it to England!

  3. Em, says:

    I’m super to keen to get over to Digbeth Dining Club this weekend. Street food for the win!

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