Flash Fiction Foray 43: Skin

This week’s Flash Fiction Foray is a little more contemporary – “Skin“, the most recent song by the BRITS Critics Choice 2017 winner Rag n Bone Man:

Here’s my 100 word tale inspired by “Skin

Flash Fiction Foray 43: Skin

The room was dark, a small sliver of daylight outside creeping around the blinds. Machines quietly bleeped. She reached out and laid her hand over the hand of the dying woman. One pink hand, full of youth and life. One, almost skeletal. Virtually translucent skin stretched paper-thin. A hand that had once clutched hers tightly as they walked, now lying, useless on top of the covers. Nan would never see her graduate, fall in love, get married. Never see her grow up into a beautiful, amazing woman.

She kissed her lightly on the forehead. “Goodnight my beautiful granddaughter. Sleep tight”. 

Bang on 100 words again – I’m getting good at this! If you want to take part, mosey on over to The Book Blogger for the latest challenge and entries!


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