A trip around Europe in Aperol Spritzes…

There’s something about that slightly sweet but slightly bitter, citrusy taste and bright orange colour that has me reminiscing about Venetian sunsets, lazy Croatian afternoons and lakeside lunches in springtime Germany. So here’s my whirlwind trip of Europe in Aperol Spritzes…

Ah, they say you never forget your first Aperol Spritz… this was in Verona in June 2015. ย Terrible picture of yours truly though, so I’ve done a bit of “arty blurring”. ย And yes, it is Aperol despite being in a Campari glass…
A pair of Aperol Spritzes on Giudecca as the sun goes down in Venice. With the obligatory accompaniment of chips or nuts, there’s no need for proper food…
Croatia does Aperol Spritzes too! This one was imbibed during our “Beach” day in Split – also known as the day that A Brummie Home and Abroad got cross with the little shits throwing sand. Nothing calms down a cross Brummie more than an Aperol Spritz.
Is this the highest Aperol Spritz I’ve had? We got the cable car up Mount Srd in Dubrovnik and couldn’t resist a drink with a view!
And onto Germany – we found our hotel in Augsburg, quickly freshened up and went in search of the town square! And despite being the end of March, we enjoyed the spring sunshine sitting at one of the al fresco bars, watching the hustle and bustle. With an Aperol Spritz. Of course.
Landsberg am Lech
Mr Fletche was designated driver in Germany, so he was on the coffee whilst I snuck in this early afternoon Aperol Spritz at Landsberg am Lech. By early afternoon, I mean 12 o’clock. Or 11:45. Or 11:30. Ish.
And what exotic city was this? Yes, they do Aperol Spritz in Birmingham too! This one’s from Gas Street Social in the Mailbox (along with an Old-Fashioned and some non-alcoholic concoction)

This blog is not sponsored by Aperol Spritz in any way. But if they wanted to send me a bottle for every mention of “Aperol Spritz” in this blog, then that would be 13 bottles. One per month for a year (and an extra one for good luck).

Do you have a favourite “holiday drink”?


17 Replies to “A trip around Europe in Aperol Spritzes…”

    1. Most UK bars do them over the summer…now when the Pimms comes out, the Aperol is right behind it! It’s not the same though when you’re not enjoying it ask fresco in some warm and sunny European country… ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. What a cool idea. I wish I’d thought of doing that with all the holidays I am going on at them moment. What drink would I choose though? Emmm wine and more wine. I need to think about this – amazing idea!

    Liked by 1 person

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