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A Brummie Home and Abroad – Top 10 Posts of 2017!

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017_ A Brummie Home and Abroad (1)

Image of Birmingham Library by CPF Photography

I know it’s not the end of 2017 just yet, but here are my top 10 most popular posts of the year so far!

10. Canada Day by Day: Jasper National Park – this is the most popular of my Canada blogs and features mule deer, hiking round lakes and an elk!

A Brummie Home and Abroad visits Jasper National Park. Pyramid Lake image by CPF Photography

9. Mountain Climbing for Beginners: Our aborted Snowdon climb got more views than the ACTUAL Snowdon climb – people love reading about failure!

Mountain Climbing for beginners...that time we decided to climb Mount Snowdon...

8. City Guide: 24(ish) hours in Dubrovnik: I enjoy doing guides to help others navigate around a city we’ve enjoyed and it was fun to revisit our 2016 trip to Croatia. And this one was made into an app with GPSmyCity too!


7. 6 Reasons to visit Playa Del Carmen in Mexico: Whilst trying to convince Ma and Pa Lee of a retirement celebration holiday to Mexico, I decided to blog about all the reasons we loved our 2014 holiday to Playa Del Carmen!

6 Reasons to visit Playa Del Carmen in Mexico by A Brummie Home and Abroad

6.’s a secret! Three hidden gems to put on your travel list I created this list as part of the March Travel Linkup, where travel bloggers are given a monthly prompt for a new blog post to share among the group. I explain why Porto Santo, Cinque Terre and Montenegro are on my hidden gems list.


5. When did blogging become so complicated? After I had an offer to review a Birmingham restaurant withdrawn when I refused to include a “follow-link” I mused on how blogging went from “just writing” to have to consider a whole bunch of other stuff. Like SEO. And DA. And “follow” and “no-follow” links.

Blogging is Complicated

4. What has travel taught me? #Travellessons I pondered what travel lessons I’d learned – and came up with a handy listicle!


And now for the Top Three…

3. 50 memorable travel (and other) experiences : This was a 2015 blog rehashed and reshared in 2017; this probably needs an update now. I wonder if I could find another 50 things to add? Watch this space!

50 Memorable Travel Experiences

2. The Life of a Photographer’s Wife… I’m so proud of Mr Fletche’ s photography, and this has come on leaps and bounds in 2017 with two pictures in the Birmingham We Are charity calendar, an entry in the IgersBirmingham “Best of Birmingham” exhibition and a stunning commendation in the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition. Here’s what it’s like being married to a snapper…


And my most popular post of 2017?

1. A Festive Afternoon Tea for Two @ The Edgbaston All the way back in January I treated Ma Lee to an afternoon tea at The Edgbaston Boutique Hotel in Birmingham – food posts are apparently very popular!


What have you enjoyed reading on A Brummie Home and Abroad this year? Is it the day by day trip reports, the restaurant and theatre reviews or the general ramblings? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

The Cube, an iconic residential, office and entertainment space in Birmingham City Centre

Image of The Cube by CPF Photography


11 responses to “A Brummie Home and Abroad – Top 10 Posts of 2017!”

  1. It’s always interesting to see the process of a blog post. Ones that you thought wouldn’t do well, surprise you 🙂 Your Canada posts were amazing, Em!

    • emfletche says:

      It is interesting…I’ll be putting my favourite blog posts into a post this week; they’re different from these ones! I guess it also depends on how much promotion was done for certain posts as well…not all posts are promoted equally! Thanks for your lovely comments about my Canada series 😀

  2. Zac says:

    I’m new to your content, so thanks for making it easier to check out your stuff 😊 I guess I’m gonna have to start writing about food 😂

  3. Great reflection of posts here Em. Looking forward to seeing your favs. 🙂

  4. You’ve had a busy year Em! And I hear you on the complicated world of SEO, DA, and promotion. I’ve recently tried to dip my toes into these turbulent waters, but I think I’m going to need a bit more experience before i’m ready for the majors.

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