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A Business Class Experience with Qatar Airways

Business Class Experience with Qatar Airways

I nestle back in Seat 4K as it reclines into an almost horizontal position. The smiling cabin crew are at hand to tend to my every need – which at the moment simply involves knowing which button will pop me back up into an upright position. There is a glass of prosecco winging its way to me, and I’ve already been greeted with a cardamom-infused Arabic coffee served from a gleaming coffeepot.

No, I’ve not left my budget airlines roots behind. I’m still the person that won’t pay to reserve her seat on a flight (“I’ll take my chance that Mr Fletche and I won’t be 20 rows apart thank you very much…”) but when an email popped into my inbox inviting me to join Qatar Airways for a VIP Business Class Experience at the Birmingham Mailbox I wasn’t going to turn it down. Which is how I find myself reclining in Seat 4K from the 787 Dreamliner in the middle of a shopping mall on a Thursday evening. Glass of prosecco in hand.

The team at Qatar Airways ready to welcome frequent fliers to the Business Class Lounge

As someone who cannot sleep a wink on flights, upgrading to Business Class may be the answer. Even in my two minutes of testing out the luxurious lie-flat seat-turned-bed, I feel my body tuning into bedtime mode. The email should have advised me to bring along pyjamas, a sleep mask and a teddy bear to truly test whether I could have dozed off under these circumstances. I could have popped on the thoughtfully supplied Bose noise cancelling headsets, selected one of the 4000 inflight entertainment options on the Oryx One and drifted off, dreaming of landing in Doha.

This pop-up experience on Level 2 of the Mailbox is styled to replicate a Business Class Lounge, and we’re “checked in” on arrival – luckily no-one is on hand to ask whether I am smuggling nail scissors or more than 100ml of liquids on board. As well as the Arabic coffee and prosecco, there is beer, soft drinks and a fancy-looking alcohol-free pink champagne on offer. Qatar Airways Business Class offers dining on demand in flight, however for this event they have partnered with Tom’s Kitchen Deli, also located in the Mailbox, who supply the delicious canapes floating around.

Voted “World’s Best Business Class” in 2017, Qatar Airways are celebrating two years since they launched their first departure from Birmingham Airport to Doha. Passengers can connect from Hamad International to over 150 far-flung destinations. And I’ll certainly be looking for the first opportunity to test out this airline for real – even if I can’t quite stretch my funds to Business Class…

I was invited to attend this event by Cohn & Wolfe, partnering with Qatar Airways, and Mailbox Birmingham. I was not asked to write a review but wanted to share this experience with A Brummie Home and Abroad readers! Have you ever flown business class? Is it worth the extra money?


10 responses to “A Business Class Experience with Qatar Airways”

  1. I have flown business class with Air Canada many times, and it does go a long way in helping smooth out the flying experience- you can board later and not have to worry about where to put your luggage, and you deplane first. Also, flights in North America can be quite a bit longer than in Europe, and even as quite a short person, I appreciate having the extra space and peace in business class!

  2. Sounds amazing, I WISH I could afford to go by business class, but I’m a budget girl all the way!

  3. April Munday says:

    What a shame it wasn’t a real flight. That would have been a much better test 🙂

  4. rachaelstray says:

    Sounds very fancy! I like that they offer non-alcoholic treats too.

  5. Shopdealman says:

    It’s pretty cramped but it depends on their aircraft. I have flown their 77L, 77W, 380 and the 320. Their seat pitch is nothing to write about but it is decent taking into consideration that I am 6’3”. Their 380’s are quite comfortable and spacious for economy but their 77W has the dreaded 3-4-3 configuration which is a very tight fit and a nuisance if you have seatmates on a long-haul.

    Their catering is good but portions are small. I usually end up eating everything they got to offer as a result. Cabin crew is efficient and friendly. IFE is pretty good with a wide variety to select from.

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