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Hotel Du Vin Birmingham Afternoon Tea

After the disappointment of my last afternoon tea – the one with no tea and no scones – it was up to Hotel du Vin & Bistro to restore my faith in tradition. Did they deliver? They did. In spades. Not for them the “modern twist” of tiny burgers instead of sandwiches, or fries instead of quiche. This was a proper well-presented traditional afternoon tea with excellent customer service, leaving Ma Lee and I gushing with praise.

If you’ve never visited Hotel Du Vin, once an eye hospital, it’s located in an ornate Victorian building with granite pillars and a marvellous sweeping staircase. Afternoon teas are hosted in the bright and airy courtyard – although we confusingly called in at the hotel’s Bistro and the Bubble Lounge Bar before finding where we were meant to be.

The staff are warm and welcoming, and take the time to explain how our afternoon tea will work. Glass of prosecco ladies? Don’t mind if we do! Our savoury selection is delivered to the table, a delectable selection of ham and Gruyere croissant, a goats cheese and spinach quiche which melts in the mouth, a heritage tomato and tapenade galette, egg & cress mayonnaise in a soft brioche bun, and Severn & Wye smoked salmon and cream cheese on dark rye bread. Ma Lee and I do a little sandwich swapping – my egg mayonnaise for Ma Lee’s salmon. Everyone’s happy.

Savoury treats on our Hotel Du Vin afternoon tea

We get to choose from the tea menu. Ma Lee – predictably – opts for the Twinings Full English; I pick the slightly more exotic elderflower and blossom darjeeling. It’s floral and sweet and smells a little like one of my Aldi diffusers. Which isn’t a bad thing.

We’ve barely poured our first cup when the sweet treats arrive. And no matter how much I love a ham and cheese croissant, we all know it’s the sweet treats that I’m waiting for. First fruit and plain scones, served with individual Bonne Maman jams and clotted cream. Ma Lee and I like our scones the Devonian way – cream then jam. I asked the “what first” question on social media recently and was bombarded with accusations that I am doing it all wrong.

I last all of two minutes before I can’t resist any longer – I just have to pull off a handful of the homemade candy floss from it’s stick. I’m going to have such a comedown when all this sugar makes it’s way out of my system. I turn my attentions to the other tempting delights – lemon meringue pie, raspberry and dark chocolate tea cakes, a gin and tonic sundae – which is a refreshing palate cleanser – and rhubarb and custard doughnuts. Try as I might, I just can’t manage to polish everything off. The lemon meringue and doughnuts are coming home with me. Our hostess offers us a cake box, which saves me from trying to stuff them into my pockets.

Hotel Du Vin Afternoon Tea: Scones and gin & tonic sundaeHotel Du Vin Afternoon Tea: Lemon meringue, raspberry and dark chocolate tea cakes and rhubarb and custard doughnuts

Afternoon teas at Hotel Du Vin start from £22.50 per head (excluding alcoholic drinks) which compared to other afternoon teas I’ve had seems to be exceptionally good value considering the quality, quantity and service. Afternoon tea is available everyday from 12pm-6pm.

**We paid in full for our afternoon tea at Hotel Du Vin.  Actually, Mr Fletche paid in full as my purse happened to be in another handbag. All debts have now been paid.

You can find Hotel Du Vin Birmingham at 25 Church Street, Birmingham B3 2NR.  Their website, including opening hours and menus, is


It's a return to a more traditional afternoon tea for A Brummie Home and Abroad and Ma Lee at Birmingham's Hotel Du Vin



26 responses to “Hotel Du Vin Birmingham Afternoon Tea”

  1. rachaelstray says:

    You are doing it wrong jam then cream – but will forgive ya! This sounds a much better experience. I’ve been waiting for the blog post after seeing your posts online! Sounds yummy. Hotel du Vin always have gorgeous buildings – the one in Newcastle is divine!

  2. thebeasley says:

    Ummmm this looks and sounds absolutely amazing. And now I’m hungry. Side note re your previous afternoon tea experience, what absolute dickhead doesn’t provide tea nor scones for an afternoon tea?! Surely, that’s illegal in this country.

  3. This sounds yummy – I love going for afternoon tea! Although I have to say I’m definitely in the jam then cream camp lol!

  4. Looks very yummy and especially the salmon!! More exciting than my peanut butter and grated carrot sammie 🙂 Yes, as Hayley mentioned who the heck does not serve tea and scones as part of an afternoon tea!! I must book an afternoon tea sometime this year; we have yet to do a posh one!

  5. Well this experience sure does beat the last Em. I must remember for next time to conveniently leave my purse in another handbag, Lol…;)

  6. josypheen says:

    I know I should be more attracted to all those sweet treats, but my brain fancies the ham and cheese croissant and savory selection even more. I must be having cheese withdrawal symptoms!

    This looks really good though Em! You lucky thing.

    • I always waver between the sweet and the savoury! The good thing about this afternoon tea was that they brought out the savoury first, rather than dumping everything on you… it means you have to eat your dinner before being allowed pudding 🙂

      • josypheen says:

        Hehehe. I don’t mind too much if they dump it all together. I am quite partial to finishing with a cucumber sarnie, so my teeth don’t feel all sugared for the rest of the day!!

        The best high teas have unlimited sarnies. (I’m a piggie)

  7. Steph says:

    I love Hotel Du Vin, such a lovely place to go for a treat, and it never costs as much as you think it will, they do some great deals x

  8. Eilene Lyon says:

    I so could not eat like that in the afternoon unless I fancied a coma as a digestif.

  9. Livinia Ren says:

    Looks nice, I walk past this a lot, but never go in. Will try it

  10. frejatravels says:

    yumm… I love afternoon tea, but couldn’t find it in Copenhagen unfortunately.

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