Where Next? Rotterdam

Visiting Rotterdam? We are! Rotterdam skyline

Five Fun Facts about Rotterdam

  1. Rotterdam has it’s own red light district… 400 panels in the ground which depict the 12km long fire line of the bombing by the Germans in 1940
  2. There is a forest of 20 “floating” trees planted in recycled buoys in the harbour
  3. The city has a 390m footbridge – the Luchtsingel – which was built thanks to crowdfunding and has the names of the contributors etched in its wooden planks
  4. There is a statue on Eendrachtsplein depicting a Santa Claus holding a tree. It is nicknamed “The Buttplug Gnome”
  5. Rotterdam has a “Cool” District. Yes, this it it’s actual name.

Later on this month, we’re off to Rotterdam for the first time, so here’s some of the things we’ve got planned so far!

Staying on a barge

This is one of those trips that I built almost entirely around seeing a perfect accommodation listing on AirBnB. Yep, we’re staying in a “Romantic Deckhouse on an Old Barge” located at Leuvehaven. There’s even a ship’s cat on board!

(Not tried AirBnB yet? New users can get £25 off the first booking by using this link!)

Cube Houses

Rotterdam’s famous cube houses are an example of the city’s quirky new architecture and utilisation of space. These houses are occupied but one is open for tourists, and another can be booked via AirBnB!

Visiting Rotterdam? Cube Houses, Rotterdam
Photo Credit: Engel62 via Pixabay

Eating and Drinking

I’m a big fan of places where you can find meat, cheese, bread, beer, coffee and cake all under one roof. And luckily Rotterdam embraces this scene. There’s the iconic horseshoe-shaped Markthal with it’s amazing food and flower themed murals. And there’s Fenix Food Factory, a repurposed warehouse which has all of the above ticked off in one waterside location.

Day trips to The Hague, Delft and Gouda

Whilst there is plenty to explore in Rotterdam alone, it’s proximity to other towns and cities in The Netherlands make it an ideal base. We have plenty of choice – of course there is Amsterdam, a city we have already visited, but at the moment we’re trying to choose between The Hague (a beach, Escher and justice!), Delft (canals and pottery!) and Gouda (stroopwaffel and cheese!).

It’s over to you folks…what are your Rotterdam recommendations? Particularly spots for brunch, street art, recommended day trips and Instagrammable spots… I welcome all suggestions! Keep an eye out on my Instagram and Facebook pages for live updates, and I can’t wait to share my Dutch stories with you when we return!

Next Stop Rotterdam


22 Replies to “Where Next? Rotterdam”

  1. Emmalene, there is a beautiful village just a tube ride from Rotterdam, called Scheidam. Full of fab old buildings and canals and windmills. Fletche will have a birthday. Andy lived there for a while and we have visited twice.

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