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A Brummie Home and Abroad – Top 10 Posts of 2018

(VOTING NOW CLOSED!) There’s just over a week to go before voting closes for the UK Blog Awards 2019 – did I mention that I was nominated? Maybe once  or twice… There are literally hundreds of awesome bloggers on the shortlist so I thought I’d do an almost-end-of-year-but-not-quite round-up of my most popular blog posts from 2018 to help you decide whether to click on that “Vote Now” button…

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Honourable mentions (so it’s a Top 15 really but it’s my blog and I can do what I want…)

Flying High: My first helicopter flight! Back in May Mr Fletche and I took to the skies on a stormy day in Gloucester where I mused over whether I would be able to perform an emergency landing if necessary…

9 Tips and Tricks for Travelling whilst working Full-Time: For all those people who think I’m on holiday ALL OF THE TIME, this is how I really do it!

Travel Tales: A Disneyland Blind Date: Because who doesn’t love a romantic tale of doomed love under the shadow of a fairy-tale castle?

Amo l’Italia: Italy and why it’s always in my head and heart: This #TravelLinkUp prompt gave me the opportunity to gush all about my love of Italy

What happened to Weymouth? The decline of a favourite seaside town: From the beaches of Italy to the beaches of…Dorset? I take off my rose-tinted glasses and lament the decline of this English seaside town

The ACTUAL Top 10…

10. Walking the South West Coastal Path: Seatown to Abbotsbury (almost): Remember that time I got my miles and kilometres all mixed up? Oh how we laughed. Mr Fletche doesn’t remember that final, painful mile so fondly…

Walking the South West Coastal Path walk

9. Three Scottish Highland roads that are a dream to drive…: The first of two Scotland entries in this Top 10, I describe some of the beautiful routes we took on our spring trip across the border – and one not so great road…

Three Scottish Highland roads that are a dream to drive...

8. Mom or Mum? A Mothers Day debate: Second only to the big “jam first or cream first” scone debate, the Mom v Mum debate had us all asking that important question back in March. Of course, all good Brummies know that it’s always Mom…

Do you call your mother Mom or Mum? Or something totally different? A Brummie Home and Abroads explores the Mom v Mum debate

7. What does Travel Luxury mean anyway? Mr Fletche and I are not luxury travellers by any means but it was nice to reflect on some of the more decadent travel experiences we’ve had – and to remember that being able to travel is luxury in itself

Girl in floppy hat in swimming pool

6. Getting around Malta: Car v Bus: I made no secret that getting around in Malta occasionally gave us something of a headache, whether it was waiting for a bus that never arrives to navigating the unsignposted, potholed roads that the sat nav had a preference for…

Title Page: Getting around Malta

5: Planning a 3-day Adventure in the Scottish Highlands: Often before a trip I just like to put our plans out there so readers can offer their suggestions and recommendations. But I think it was the picture of the Highland Cattle on the final image that swung this one high on my most popular list…


4: Falling in love with Vienna (Part 2):  Why Part 2? What was wrong with Part 1? But then again, Part 2 has all the nitty gritty about what we did in Vienna, including descriptions of schnitzel, waffles and every hot punch drink we could lay our hands on…

Falling in Love with Vienna (Part 2)

And now for the Top Three…

3. The Challenge of Being a Travel Blogger when you’re not Travelling: Ironically one of my most popular posts of 2018 was knocked together in forty minutes when we were delayed in Inverness Airport back in May. But this honest look at struggling for travel content when you’re not a full-time travel blogger seemed to resonate with a lot of other bloggers.


2. Travel Tales: A Runaway Reindeer: This is the perfect example of what part-time travel bloggers do for content when they’re not travelling – quote hilarious stories from non-blogging friends and family that deserve to be shared. The owner of this story could give me enough content on her own 🙂

Travel Tales: A Runaway Reindeer

And my most popular post of 2018?

6 Amazing Easy Hikes to take in Jasper & Banff National Parks: This one is down to the power of Pinterest. I enjoyed putting this post together immensely, reliving our 2017 Canada trip, and it seems that a lot of people search Pinterest for this kind of post!

Jasper and Banff National Parks

What have you enjoyed reading on A Brummie Home and Abroad this year? Is it the day by day trip reports, the restaurant and theatre reviews or the general ramblings? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Thank you to CPF Photography for providing me with the featured images for this post! You can find more of his work – from Birmingham and beyond on his website and Instagram page.

A Brummie Home and Abroad: It's the end of the year (almost) so it's time to look back on my most popular posts of 2018...


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  1. Clare Hutton says:

    Witty, honest and an authority on all things Brummie!

  2. rachaelstray says:

    I really enjoy your posts. I particularly enjoyed your Malta travel diaries this year.

  3. Bexa says:

    Wow, you have written so many awesome posts this year! I just read Walking The South West Coastal Path and really loved hearing about your experience and seeing your beautiful photos. I live in Southampton and love finding new places to explore along the south coast, I’ll definitely bear this route in mind, thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful new year and all the best for 2019! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  4. Ritu says:

    Your posts are always amazing Em! Happy New Year! Loving the new look!

  5. I love your new look and all your posts are interesting, fun and show me a different sort of world. Have pinned this one. All the best for 2019 x

  6. The Vienna one for me. Though all good posts Em. One day we might get to Vienna, fingers crossed.

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