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Happy New Year, Happy New Blog!

New Year New Blog - Making the switch from to Self-Hosted

Happy New Year A Brummie Home and Abroad fans! Hopefully if you’re viewing this, you can see a brand sparkling new website, all clean and shiny. If it’s not clean and shiny then please let me know in the comments below. There are comments below right? Still getting my head around how this whole thing works!

So why move from the familiar to the unknown?

Well I’ve been toying with splashing the cash and making the switch from to self-hosted for a while now. For the non-bloggers among you, let me use a housey-type analogy to tell you what this means. I used to rent (for free!) a small apartment in a building called House. I had to decorate my apartment using style, and couldn’t add swanky things like chandeliers or a petting zoo. House could have thrown me out on the street at any time. The only thing that I owned in that apartment was the name on the door – A Brummie Home and Abroad.

Now I’ve bought my own apartment! I now live in a building called Siteground House, and I pay them an annual fee to live in their building and use their facilities. They have a whole bunch of concierges who’ve helped me move in (sorry for all the questions over the festive break Siteground peeps!). But I have all the familiarity of WordPress still around me for all the day-to-day housekeeping, and I’m now able to decorate my apartment with all the pretty things. I haven’t found chandeliers or a petting zoo yet but I’m pretty much done wallpapering with my new Blossom theme from theme extraordinares Pipdig.

And of course, your hostess with the mostest is still here, sweeping away the remnants of tinsel, glitter and sequins. There’s still lots more Costa Rica content to come, and Mr Fletche and I have a few days away in Northumberland this week to blow away the festive cobwebs so look out for updates over on Facebook and Instagram!

So come in – have a look around!

Hopefully it’s pretty familiar. There’s still a description of what a Brummie is over to the right for all those non-Brummies. (Or below if you’re on a mobile device!) There are new links in the top menu for all my social media stuff. And on the bottom right-hand side I’ve put some handy recommendations for more of my blogs to read if you find yourself in the kitchen with a cuppa and five minutes to spare. What do you mean, I don’t have any milk or sugar? I’ve only just moved in – what do you expect?

And as a housewarming gift, I would love your thoughts on the refurb! I’ve not put away the paintbrush and screwdriver just yet so let me know if anything needs fixing! And blogger-type-peeps – have you made the switch from to self-hosted? If so, let me know how you found it!


9 responses to “Happy New Year, Happy New Blog!”

  1. Love your new blog 🙂 XX

  2. Looks great Em. I’m hoping to take the challenge too this year sometime. Hopefully all will go smoothly.
    Happy New Year 🙂

  3. Jacqueline Bayliss says:

    Looking good Em (the definition of Brummie is on the right as I look at it though!) Happy New Year & I look forward to reading more great articles.

  4. rachaelstray says:

    Happy self-hosted blog New Year! It’s looking fresh I really like it!

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