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Oh ‘appy Days: Take me with you wherever you go with GPSmyCity!

Feb 2019 Update - new city guides launched with GPSmyCity
**Updated for February 2019**
(AD) Oh ‘appy days. Did you know you can now take A Brummie Home and Abroad wherever you go? GPSmyCity have turned a number of my city guides into an app – and now there are three more guides available!

Why GPSmyCity?

If you’re anything like me, the key to a good trip is preparation preparation preparation.  But sometimes I need to do some research on the go.  What if the weather’s not as expected?  What if an attraction’s closed and I’m looking for an alternative?  What’s within walking distance to where I am?  What if I want to be…. spontaneous?
And then I need to connect to Wi-Fi, or use up all my data. If only I had all those useful travel articles that I’d read beforehand at my fingertips…
That’s where GPSmyCity comes in handy.  Download the app free of charge and you can carry a whole library of travel articles around with you.  Save the articles you want and you can access them anywhere, on- or off-line. No more packing a heavy guidebook or two in your suitcase (throw in an extra pair of shoes instead!). This is the lightweight, in-your-pocket option.  And for a tiny fee, you’ll get offline GPS-guided use too, so there’s no need to stand on a street corner juggling a map looking confused…
 GPS my City2

So what does all this have to do with A Brummie Home and Abroad? 

GPSmyCity have previously turned seven of my city guides into mobile apps. So if you want to visit Venice, lounge around in Luxembourg City, cavort in Copenhagen or even dine in Dubrovnik then you can download my words of wisdom straight onto your device. And now there are three more city guides ready for launch!

Sunset over Porto.

Photo Credit: CPF Photography

Porto is a wonderful city to spend 48 hours in – beautiful architecture, gorgeous bridges, a wonderful riverside, pasteis de nata and so much port to try!

Download my Porto City Guide here

More self-guided Porto Walking Tours here


Rotterdam Architecture

Photo Credit: CPF Photography

“It could be Rotterdam, or anywhere…” Actually it couldn’t, as Rotterdam is a totally distinct city full of the most innovative and striking buildings, amazing street art and lots of cool bars and restaurants!

Download Rotterdam City Guide here

More self-guided Rotterdam Walking Tours here

 Valletta, Malta, arched walkway

Photo Credit: CPF Photography

Come with me as we stroll around Malta’s capital, navigating various forms of public transport (including ferries from Sliema and the Three Cities), avoiding firing cannons and ogling the interior of the ornate St John’s Co-Cathedral.

Download Valletta City Guide here

More self-guided Valletta Walking Tours here

Super-duper fancy version of Valletta guide available FOR FREE!!!!

To celebrate the new articles going live, GPSmyCity are giving away the upgraded version of the Valletta city guide, with offline GPS guidance FOR FREE!  For one week only!  So if you’re thinking of heading to the Maltese capital in 2019 then I urge you to take me with you – digitally at least 🙂

So how do I take A Brummie Home and Abroad with me?

Do you have a mobile phone or tablet? That’s a good start.  Click on this link for IOS, or this link for Android, and you can download the app and you have access to a virtual library of city information.  There’s articles on where to go, what to eat, where to shop.  Have a browse.  You might be a while. 

Ready to check out Visiting Valletta? Click on this link – if you haven’t already downloaded the app, you’ll be prompted to do so here.  After the app has launched, my article will appear as if by magic.  Modern technology is indeed magic.

You can read the article through straight away on-line, or you can also choose to save it for later.   But if you want the extra super-duper version with GPS, click on “Upgrade”.

GIVEAWAY ALERT!!!!  Between Monday 4th February (today!) and Sunday 10th February this upgrade is FREE! GRATUIT! GRATIS! FREI!  And even after the giveaway has ended, it will cost you just a tiny tiny fee to have this upgraded article… of which I will get a tiny tiny fee too!

Thanks to GPSMyCity for working with me on this app and for supporting the FREE giveaway of this app for a limited period! 


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