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Are You an Aisle or Window Seat Person?

Aisle or Window Seat? Which one are you?

I’m a firm believer that whoever books the flight gets to choose the seats. I’m a window seat fan. And I usually book the flights. Ergo – unless it’s one of those lovely planes with just two seats together – I usually book the window and middle seats. If Mr Fletche had the choice, he would book the aisle and middle seat. So what are the pros and cons of the aisle and window seat? And which one are you?

(Of course, I’m talking cattle class here. If you are reading this and thinking “well, I only choose those seats which recline fully, have a personal butler and a turndown service” – we’re probably never going to be catching a flight together)

Aisle or Window Seat: The Window Seat

Aisle or Window Seat? Which do you prefer?

1. As someone who is a non-sleeper on flights, trying to get as comfortable as possible is a must. Leaving my head to free-fall as I doze off – promptly waking myself up – is not an option. I build a pile of scarves, blankets, pillows, coats, jumpers against the wall of the plane and hope to finally get into a position where I’m relatively snug. If you try this on an aisle seat, you’ll just end up with a pile of belongings on the floor, and the cabin crew never appreciate passengers creating an obstacle course for them. And if you’re in the middle seat? Well, let’s just hope your seatmate is understanding. Or has a comfortable shoulder.

2. Who doesn’t get a buzz of excitement as the plane lifts off from the ground and you see the grey drizzly tarmac of a UK airport disappear behind you? Or when you get that first glimpse of land after hours flying over ocean (which can be a tad boring to look at)? Or my personal favourite – flying over mountains? If you’re in the aisle or middle seat, you require a running commentary from the window-seat occupier on all the spectacular sights you’re missing out on.

3. You’re blissfully undisturbed in the window seat. No-one wants to clamber over you to go to the loo. Cabin crew are not going to viciously bump their trolley into your elbows. Your fellow passengers are not going to pop their discarded food trays and rubbish onto your table.

4. Have you ever walked down the aisle for a toilet visit and judged your fellow passengers by what they’re watching or reading as you pass? “You’re watching Mamma Mia 2? Why?” “Hmmm, big burly man watching Frozen…” “Wow, that woman has not filled in one answer on her Sudoku grid…” In the window seat you can watch or read what you like in glorious privacy and no-one is going to judge you. Apart from the person directly behind. And your middle seat neighbour.

5. You can take a hundred “wing” pictures for that social media upload as soon as you land. Bonus points for sunrise or sunset shots.

Aisle or Window Seat: The Aisle Seat

Aisle or Window Seat? Which do you prefer?

1. Who wants to be cramped up in a window seat? The aisle seat gives a precious few inches more of leg room as long as you watch out for those passengers and cabin crew meandering up the aisle.

2. Window seat dwellers have a big responsibility in the event of an emergency. They are the ones who may be seated next to an emergency exit, who receive a lecture from a smiling flight attendant all about how to open the door and save their fellow passengers from impending doom. Aisle seat? Don’t have to worry about that, they can get on with panicking about the impending doom.

3. Freedom. Freedom to go to the loo as many times as you like without having to clamber over anyone. Freedom to put things in and take things out of the overhead locker as much as you want. Freedom to walk up and down the aisles and to do those recommended inflight exercises to prevent DVT. Who wants to be trapped over in the window seat – especially when those in the middle and aisle seats are sleeping. And have probably popped a sleeping pill or two and won’t stir until the wheels touch down on arrival.

4. As soon as the plane lands, before the seatbelt signs switch off, you can spring out of your seat, unload your bags from the overhead containers and get off that flying tincan! Except, unless you’re in the very front row, this is highly unlikely to happen. But at least you can stand up and stretch your legs, unlike your window seat mate who is currently doing a hunchback impression, half standing, half sitting and probably impaled on an arm rest.

5. Both like aisle seats? That’s great! You can easily book aisle seats across from each other and can still communicate easily. Mainly when the drinks service comes along. Both like window seats? Expect to spend the entire journey apart. This may suit some travellers. Particularly on the return journey after a fraught holiday together.

Aisle or Window Seat: The Middle Seat

1. You get ownership of both armrests.

2. Er… that’s about it.

So how about you? Do you prefer the aisle seat or the window seat? Have you ever gambled and booked an aisle and window seat, leaving the middle seat free? I’m always tempted to try this in the hope that no-one picks that seat! Or do you actually like the middle seat? Let me know in the comments below!

*Photos courtesy of Pixabay, and gif from Giphy*

Aisle or Window Seat? Which do you prefer?




15 responses to “Are You an Aisle or Window Seat Person?”

  1. Julpha Jean says:

    I’m a window seat person 🙂 🙂

  2. I’m definitely a window seat person. I haven’t flown a lot, but the one time I had an aisle seat I actually felt more claustrophobic. Plus, who in their right mind would choose a view of the inside of a plane over a view of the world outside? 😏😉

  3. josypheen says:

    The window seat is always going to be the best seat!! I love staring out, especially when we fly over mountains. I always need to pee, so I feel bad for having to clamber over people, but I still always want that seat!

    I have a bit of a horror story about the middle seat from our flight to NZ. I was stuck in the middle between my husband and a Welsh bloke. Both of them had huge shoulders, so I was completely squished (I couldn’t even get my arms on the arms rests, and it was a 14 hour flight.) Then, it got so much worse. The Welsh bloke started wanking under his blanket. It was sooo horrible and has scarred me forever. I HATE that middle seat.

    Still, things were better on the way home, the flight wasn’t full, so we had three seats for the two of us aaaand it was possible for the AIR NZ staff to turn out seat into a bed! That is the way to fly!

    • emfletche says:

      OMG…that is equally hilarious and horrifying! And only mildly compensated by the spare seat reward on the return leg 🙂

      On the way to Costa Rica our aisle seatmate had clearly slipped something in her drink before takeoff as we wasn’t able to rouse her. Hubby resorting to stroking her earlobe 🙂 And she’d be fast asleep again by the time we came back from peeing! If I slept like that I’d definitely be considerate and opt for the window seat!

  4. Devon J Hall says:

    Having flown twice in my life – once as an adult, and once as a child, I can HONESTLY say I am a take the damned car person because never again will I ever fly. So…I’ll be seeing Europe by boat 😛

  5. My husband would book the same aisle and middle. I’m a window seat kinda gal. Once I’m sat down I don’t move until it’s time to leave the plane. I don’t go to the loo. I do wiggle my feet about but that’s about it. I hate people clambering over me to get something out of the overhead locker or go to the loo – I just want to read my magazines, watch something on the tv or sleep. My husband has a sore knee which gets worse if he can’t stretch out which is why he prefers the aisle seat.

  6. Snuffy says:

    I love the window seat but would more likely take the aisle. I hate crawling over others when I need to get up to use the loo and it feels less squishy. 🙂

  7. We have had to come to an arrangement over the years, I like the window seat and he likes the aisle or exit row due to being really tall. When flying on my own it’s window all the way for the exact reasons you mention! Sometimes we get the aisle seats ‘next’ to each other on long haul flights, but more often than not I end up with the middle seat 🙁 I can see your points for all seats and agree wholeheartedly with window seats – for views, photos, extra room, the ability to lean into the wall to doze and being left alone. Great read! Pinned this for you 🙂

    • emfletche says:

      Thanks Deb! I suppose I should be grateful I get to fly at all, no matter which seat I have to sit in! Luckily hubby is a perfectly average height so he is willing to take the middle seat for me 😍

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