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What’s Your Travel Superpower?

This months #TravelLinkup is all about our superpowers. That talent or trick we have in our travelling toolbag that has people asking “how does she do that?”

(Time to roll out Bitmoji Brummie…)

I wracked my brain on this one for a while. Is it packing carry-on like a pro? Er, I’m still working on this one. Is it seeking out the best deals and saving money? Definitely not. Is it being an uber-cool Instagrammer? Well, I have my moments…

So I’d like to reveal that my superpower is… making people believe I travel much more than I do. If I had a pound for every time someone said “are you going away AGAIN?!” I’d have, well, enough money to go away more often. When I confidently stated that Switzerland was our first holiday this year, the general response was “but what about all your other holidays?”

And when we sat down and worked it out, we worked out we’d been on 5 trips already this year. There was Northumberland in January, and then a food, drink and Beatles heavy trip to Liverpool in February. In March we headed down to London, and then packed our rucksacks for a weekend hiking in the Peak District. May brought more walking, this time in the Lake District before we embarked on what we call “our first holiday of the year”. And all this was done using just 5 annual leave days thanks to some creative planning (ok, should have been 7 but someone forgot I had no annual leave days left until April…)

And I’ve written before about how difficult it can be to blog about travelling when you’re not actually travelling. So when I’m still babbling about travel on Facebook and Instagram people do assume that you’re somewhere exotic, not binge watching Killing Eve on the iPlayer and regurgitating old content to fill a gap in your schedule.

And I’ve milked my Switzerland pics to death on Instagram (“here’s another mountain! Here’s me in a wildflower meadow! Here’s another video of the cowbells to drive you all insane!”) in the absence of anything new and exciting to post in the last three weeks. Which means I get comments saying “hope you’re having a great time!” even though the last of the Swiss chocolate stash has finally been eaten and the few remaining Swiss francs have been thrown into our “change pot” to be rejected by a parking meter or vending machine some time in the future.

If I could request a travelling superpower? Well, it would be a toss-up between being fluent in every language effortlessly, never being affected by jetlag, having the ability to stop and replay a perfect day, or being able to sum up the perfect weather. Oh hang on, Ma and Pa Lee appear to have this particular power but didn’t pass it on to me. What’s your travelling superpower, or what would you love to be able to do?

It’s the July #TravelLinkUp!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Aw I love this!! I feel like most bloggers can probably relate to that superpower… people are always asking me how I travel so much, how I afford it etc.. To me it doesn’t seem like I travel *that* much (until, like you, I sit down and count it all out… it actually is a lot haha!). But I think taking local and in-country trips like you did is the trick. You infuse travel into your daily life! Also, like you, I’d totally love the superpower of being fluent in lots of languages! I’m trying to learn Arabic right now and it’s a struggle!

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