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You Know You’re A Brummie When…

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You Know You’re A Brummie When…

Being a Brummie is a blessing. After all, if you aren’t a Brummie, then you can’t claim to have been born in the best city in the world. Those people will never understand the pride that comes with seeing Cadbury’s chocolate elsewhere in the world, or the frustration that you get when you need to calmly explain that the Black Country and Birmingham are completely different entities. But what else makes us Brummie? Here are five things that all real Brummies have experienced at some point, according to contributor Andy Macfarlane.

…You only recognise St Phillip’s Cathedral by its nickname

Us Brummies only know this landmark by its real name – Pigeon Park. This is a timeless destination for everyone who has ever been to Birmingham. The majority of buses from around the city stop here, and it has been helped by a variety of classier bars around the park. It’s probably not the best place to be taking a lunch break, however, because you may find half of your food gone if you turn your back for a second. Hence the name Pigeon Park.

…You refer to the city centre as “town”

Everyone has said to their friends at some point or another ‘let’s go to town’. For people visiting the city, they are constantly confused by Brummies saying this as evidently, Birmingham isn’t a town. Brummies calling it town is down to the fact that Birmingham didn’t get city status until pretty late in 1889. The saying has obvious stayed the test of time, and that shows no sign of stopping.

…Organising a night out starts with the question “Snobs?”

An age-old question that continues to be music to the ears of every person looking to have a night out on the town. Snobs is an institution in Birmingham, and in truth, you aren’t a Brummie unless you’ve been. The location for the club may have changed now, but it remains one of the most popular spots for a night out, and it retains some of the character that was there when it first opened in 1972.

…You’ve said “Alright Bab?” at least once

If you’ve ever been travelling anywhere outside of Birmingham, and somebody realises that you’re from the second city, they constantly feel the need to mock the Brummie accent. After all, they do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Those who mock the accent are just jealous. The Brummie accent has become a lot cooler over recent years with the popularity of BBC smash-hit Peaky Blinders, which recently picked up a host of NTA Awards. However, it has always been cool, and don’t let anyone else tell you anything else.

…You Secretly Love It

When you meet new people, and they find out that you’re from Birmingham, you immediately try and join their clique by admitting that it’s rubbish. However, secretly you know that it’s amazing, and you’re just trying to fit in. After all, they wouldn’t like it if you turned around and bragged about the history that we have in this city. It’s the best city in the world, and all Brummies secretly know that.

Thank you Andy! Readers – any more “You Know You’re A Brummie When…” gems to add? How about when you do a roly-poly and call it a gambol? Or when you’ve been lost in the bowels of the Oasis Market? Don’t forget to head across to We Love Brum for more Birmingham-focused news.

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