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Why Being A Brummie At Home Isn’t So Bad

Blog Post: Why Being A Brummie At Home isn't so bad

When we moved into our new home back in February, we had no idea that we would be spending quite so much time here. That it would become our office. Our entertainment hub. Where we would eat. Where we would drink. That the two inhabitants of our home would become our entire physical world. That aside from a government-approved hour of exercise per day, these four walls would become the hub of our life. A Brummie at Home and Abroad became, quite simply, A Brummie At Home.

For someone who largely blogs about things happening outside the home – travel, theatre, food – I even wondered for a while if I would continue blogging during this period. But the pull of the blank “New Blog Post” screen has been strong. So I’ve shared with you what I’ve listened to. What I’ve done to keep the travel bug alive. What I’ve read. And I have a whole blog post to publish about what I’ve eaten. Except I keep ordering more food so it’s never quite finished.

Collage of food and drink

My Instagram feed is now a mish-mash of corners of my home, alcohol, food deliveries and my pants. Yes. I was so devoid of content that I posted about my pants. Although they are mighty fine pants. With hedgehogs on. And no, I was not wearing them at the time.

Home has become an extension of our local sorting office.

No longer do I fear not being in to receive parcels. In fact, I sometimes order parcels so that I can see a different human being. Deliveries have included a new TV and sound bar. Two sound bars in fact as Mr Fletche was unhappy with the first one. Sonos speakers so our kitchen discos now sound better. Garden furniture. New cushions. New bedding. A baby-pink loungewear suit that makes me look slightly like a marshmallow. And the deliveries peaked this week with my first Who Gives A Crap toilet roll delivery. Could have done with this at the beginning of lockdown but our toilet roll cupboard will never be empty again. And of course, there have been food and drink deliveries. But that’s for another blog post.

Six toilet rolls in colourful paper

This extended time at home has allowed us to plan exactly what we want to do with our new space. Although most things will have to wait until Pa Lee is allowed inside the house with his drill and toolkit. Shelves for example. So I can purchase lots of lovely trailing plants (that I will promptly kill and have to replace with fake ones) and that will also hold my burgeoning cork-bottle-lights-in-empty-gin-bottles collection. And picture hooks. It seems senseless in being married to an ace photographer and having blank walls.

Fairy Lights in a gin bottle on top of a wooden box

But we’ve been able to do little things.

Things that don’t require either of us wielding a power tool or anything likely to end up with one of us in A&E. Mr Fletche painted the porch and installed a new blind to replace the hideous one that was left when we moved in. I’ve given us some privacy by covering the glass brick wall up the staircase with frosted covering. And the ugly garage wall has had a makeover too.

Two garden chairs and a table in front of a garden shed with potted trees

And on those government approved walks, we got to explore some of the beautiful countryside and farmland around our new home. Walks that we may not have discovered had we not been confined to our local area. Just a short drive away are vast swathes of woodland, meadows and lakes. Usually to find beauty in the UK we would be exploring the Peak District, or the Lake District. Or maybe Snowdonia or the Scottish Highlands. But there is beauty on our own doorstep. And lots of it.

For me, being at home has meant hours reading my favourite books in the conservatory. Lunchtimes spent under the wisteria and anemone blossom. Classic Northern soul playlists and kitchen discos. Zoom drinks with some of my favourite people. Friday night online quizzes. A 30 second commute from bed to dining table. Sticking to my daily Italian lesson on Duolingo (I know animals, clothes and food so far – just working on stringing them together in a useful sentence). A standing weekday appointment with Adriene or Lucy. Reruns of The OC, Glee and ER. And the money refunded from our Japan trip (thankfully all of it) back in a savings account, hopefully to be used for future travels when we can.

But for now, A Brummie at Home is the new normal. And I kinda like it.

Why Being A Brummie At Home Isn't So Bad

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10 responses to “Why Being A Brummie At Home Isn’t So Bad”

  1. It’s been a great time for appreciating what’s on our doorstep and realising you don’t have to drive for hours to walk somewhere nice. I think the sunshine has helped though!

    • emfletche says:

      Absolutely, it’s been like having a mini holiday at home with the sunshine over the last couple of weeks 😁 Today – not so much ☔

  2. Bejal says:

    Aww spending time at home has been so precious, lovely read Em and the toilet roll always make me laugh!

  3. Rachael Stray says:

    It’s strange how we adapt to a new normal and routine. I’ve enjoyed all your pictures on social of the delicious food you’ve been having!

  4. I’ve been doing loads of reading too! Also how do you find the Who Gives a Crap loo roll? I’ve been thinking of ordering some for ages!

    C x

    • emfletche says:

      Mr Fletche won’t let me test the Who Gives A Crap stash until the old boring stuff is gone 😁 But it looks very pretty in the bathroom 😂

  5. I haven’t minded being stuck at home for the most part (I’m quite enjoying working from home!), we had just moved into our new place before lockdown (thank God!) and we’ve made the place really feel like home, but I’m really itching to get out now. I don’t care where, even if I don’t leave the UK for the rest of the year, I just wanna be able to drive somewhere for a couple of days! Btw did you paint your garage? It looks great!

    • emfletche says:

      So have you booked anywhere yet? It’s been a whole 24 hours since we were told we could have an overnight stay! I’m planning cautiously, we have a September staycation planned so I’m in no rush.

      And yes, the garage was an ugly grey so I decided to pimp it up a little! Just waiting for my bunting to arrive now 😁

  6. It looks awesome! No, haven’t booked anywhere just yet but hoping to go camping in a couple of weeks. 🙂 Might book something for September after the summer rush as we’ve got a couple of friends visiting in August (assuming that’ll be allowed by then, of course!). Looking at northern Scotland, maybe Skye or another island. 🙂

  7. Emma @ Adventures of a London Kiwi says:

    Isn’t it funny all the small jobs that we put off for years that have finally been done since we’ve been locked in!

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