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Starting anew…

It’s time to take my travel blogging to a new level.  Travelpod has been good to me over the last five years, but it doesn’t allow me the freedom to add random musings, to embed as many pictures as I would like or to participate in a blogging community.  So I’m going to start shifting my travel blogs onto WordPress, from our first American Road Trip in September 2010 – which ignited our passion for do-it-yourself holidays – to this year’s amazing 11 day Italy trip, full of food, wine and hundreds of photo opportunities.

Talking about photos…later trips will be accompanied by some of the incredible photographs taken by my super talented husband (interspersed with my own snapshots).  More of his work can be found at Flickr or on Facebook.  Shameless plugging – his work can also be purchased here.  All proceeds fund our next holiday and therefore new travel blogs!

So please sit back, pour a glass of an appropriate travel-related beverage (prosecco for Italy, vodka for Krakow, a nice, strong beer for Belgium…) and enjoy the stories of the world as told by A Brummie Home and Abroad…




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