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Alright bab?

I’m Emmalene, a thirty-something forty-something born and bred Brummie. Which means I’m a native of Birmingham in the UK. Yes, funny accents, confusing road systems, Peaky Blinders. That’s the place. Married to Chris. AKA Mr Fletche, taker of photographs and long-suffering husband.

I’m a big advocate of eating, drinking and playing tourist in my own city, especially where supporting local independent business is involved. That’s where the “Home” bit in “A Brummie Home and Abroad” comes in. In fact, that ethos extends to UK travel too – supporting local and promoting tourism on this island we call Great Britain. I love a staycation. Even if that term makes some people apoplectic with anger.

But travel is my passion. Simple, easy travel. You won’t find any backpacking-across-South-East-Asia tips here. Or travelling on a budget. Or luxury travel. And – as a childfree couple – you won’t find tips on kid-friendly travel.

But you will find how to cram all the sights into a weekend city break. Accidental hikes. Travel fails. Honest rambling travel diaries. Where to find craft beer, gin and street food. And how middle-age travel doesn’t have to mean coach trips and National Trust memberships. Although they’re pretty great too.

We fit travel around full-time jobs, making the most of weekends, Bank Holidays and maximising those precious annual leave days! You can find out more about how I do this in my blog post 9 Tips and Tricks For Travelling Whilst Working Full-Time! And I absolutely revel in being both a traveller AND a tourist!

Apart from travel, I love to read books, listen to music, drink gin and visit the theatre. I’ve worked with Birmingham theatres since 2017, providing Press Night Reviews to encourage you lovely lot to visit! If you do book a show based on one of my recommendations please let me know. For no other reason other than it gives me a warm fuzzy glow.

I always love to hear what you think so please like, comment or share!  You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can also follow me on Bloglovin’!

Happy travelling…home and abroad!

Emmalene, A Brummie Home and Abroad


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  2. Hi Emmalene,
    I love your name. It sounds like the title of a beautiful piece of music. I also love travel but budget, parenthood and health issues have prevented me from leaving Australia for many years. However, we do a reasonable amount of Australian travel, which I realized is overseas to someone else. I posted a photo of a Rainbow Lorrikeet in a red bottlebrush flower in my backyard and it was rather popular. One person’s backyard is exotic to someone else.
    I came across your blog via Suzie and look forward to reading more.
    xx Rowena

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