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A Year in Review: 2018 – Where Next?

Hello 2018

Looking back at my 2017 “Where Next?” Blog, there were three places floating around our plans: Germany’s Romantic Road, the Canadian Rockies and – a lot closer to home – North Wales. We managed to pack a lot more in to our 2017 travel schedule – who’d have thought we’d actually visit North Wales three times this year?! But 2018 may be a little quieter due to plans to move house (expect lots of panicked blogs about moving house for the first time in 22 years…) so there may be a few more UK “staycations” this year! Here what’s next for A Brummie Home and Abroad…


Yes, we’re planning an early return to Wales in 2018…the first week of the New Year in fact. I have an enforced two week holiday over the festive season due to the industry I work in and Mr Fletche has managed to get a couple of days so we’re off to a cottage in South West Wales. There will be plenty of coastal walks and a great chance to blow off the Christmas cobwebs!


This is another one booked and definitely in the 2018 diary. Whilst I was off sunning myself and drinking copious amounts of sangria in Alicante with the girls, Mr Fletche took himself off to Scotland for a couple of days. Whilst the weather wasn’t particularly kind to him back then, he was enchanted by the beautiful scenery and so we’re off to discover lochs, mountains, highland cattle and whiskey in May.

A Campervan Experience

Still in the UK for now, we’ve been looking at alternative ways to spend our weekends, and Wanderlust Camper Co may just have it covered. They’re currently in the process of refurbishing their three camper vans and will be relaunching early in 2018 and this is definitely something Mr Fletche and I may look at booking. A close friend bought a gift voucher for Wanderlust for her husband for Christmas after seeing this as an unusual gift suggestion on A Brummie Home and Abroad’s Facebook page so I’m looking forward to her feedback!


Everyone I follow on Instagram seemed to go to Malta in 2017! We’ll try and find an apartment or small hotel with a pool so we can soak up a bit of sunshine as well as soak up some culture. It’s a small island with an excellent public transport network so we should be able to find somewhere to stay like St Julians or Mellieha Bay and still be able to travel around the island. There are fortified cities, beautiful beaches, the azure waters of the Blue Lagoon, megalithic temples and stunning architecture to explore. And it’s sunny for 300 days a year AND they have English things like red phone boxes and fish and chips…

Costa Rica

It’s our 10th wedding anniversary this coming November and whilst we swore during our honeymoon that we’d return to the Maldives we’re now planning something a little different. The beaches, rainforests and volcanoes of Costa Rica are calling, and its a case of deciding whether to go for a luxury all inclusive number, or a tour which would allow us to see more of the country and even stay in a rainforest eco-lodge or two. 10 years ago we’d have definitely opted for the former but we’re very different travellers now so we’re comparing our tour options to see if this would be better for us. Whichever way we decide to go, I hope we get to see sloths 😀


So as we embark on new adventures closer to home in 2018 there may be less “travel abroad” days  but as always we’ll try and make the most of our weekends and bank holidays to explore more on our doorstep. What’s in your travel itinerary for 2018?


13 responses to “A Year in Review: 2018 – Where Next?”

  1. Ritu says:

    Lots of lovely plans for you!

  2. LaurenEph says:

    Looks like a fun 2018 ahead! I have a blog post on moving house and looking after your mental health if you’re interested 🙂

  3. How exciting! I’d love to do the Outlander tour of Scotland (love that show!) and sign me up for the Campervan holiday!! Happy travels 😁

  4. Not sure how I missed this post!! Oh so looking forward to your campervan experiences. We loved our home on wheels which we did fulltime and parttime for nearly 10 years. A real sense of freedom when going ‘bush’. Very rarely went into camping grounds as we had solar. Enough raving, have a ball and nothing wrong with the UK for holidays, we do it all the time 🙂

  5. Em Linthorpe says:

    Funnily enough, I would like to see more of North Wales this year. Portmeiron amd Llandudno have caugt my eye. Really, I’m hoping the toddler will be much better at days out this year, he has quite often got too tired and/or too grumpy quite quickly up to now! Have a super 2018 xx

    • emfletche says:

      I love North Wales and I have a feeling we’ll be returning more than once this year! Haven’t been to Portmeirion yet, we drove to the entrance last year but it was too late in the afternoon to justify the entrance fee – terrible planning 😂

  6. adventuresofalondonkiwi says:

    We’re so lucky to live in such an interesting and intriguing country! I can’t wait to see more of your adventures! x

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