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7 reasons to vote for A Brummie Home and Abroad for Best Overall Blogger

Voting closes tomorrow for the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards 

So here’s 7 reasons to vote for A Brummie Home and Abroad for Best Overall Blogger.

Vote for A Brummie Home and Abroad in the Best Overall Blogger 2018 Category

Why vote for A Brummie Home and Abroad?

1. Because I can tell you all about the fab places I’ve visited, complete with stories about how I once mowed down a pedestrian in Stanley Park, only just preserved my modesty in a Parisian public toilet, and tried to check into the wrong hotel in Amsterdam

2. Why spend all your time planning a city break when I can do it for you? Like spending 48 hours in Copenhagen – or 24 hours in Dubrovnik

3. Because I’m not a natural outdoorsy person but I’ve somehow become an accidental hiker over the last 12 months. Like climbing Mount Snowdon 1 and a half times, accidentally circumnavigating a Bavarian lake and getting my miles and kilometres a little bit confused in Dorset

4. Because if you ever come to Birmingham, I can give you an excellent online guide  – or show you around in person for the small cost of a G&T or two.

5. Because I like to pass on helpful tips and advice – and sometimes not so helpful tips and advice. Like this one on how to organise a girls trip to Alicante (or anywhere) without being a total control freak. And how to pack carry-on when you’re a serial over-packer.

6. Because sometimes I get a bit ranty about stuff that’s not about travelling or Birmingham. Like why blogging is so complicated and why you can’t buy cards in the UK with “Mom” on them. And what’s it’s like living with a name that no-one can spell.

7. Because I have a wonderful photographer hubby on hand so I can intersperse my dodgy blurred iPhone shots with something a bit more professional. You can read more here about my life as a photographers wife

Convinced? Then you can vote here –…/voting-is-now-open-for-the-annu…/


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To everyone who has voted – or is thinking of voting – thank you from Bitmoji me!


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