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I like to move it (move it)…The next phase!

I like to move it (move it)

Remember when I blogged back in March about how we were starting to get the wheels in motion for selling the house I’ve lived in a mere 22 years? That blog almost served as a checklist which would provide us with a to-do list over the next couple of months…

  1. Touch up the grotty bits of the house, and hide any obvious flaws with artful arrangements of bits and bobs purchased from Ikea and Homesense. Check.
  2. Decluttering the loft. Work in progress. But that Spotify playlist is coming on a treat.
  3. Dismantle shed. Check, courtesy of Pa Lee. We’re still missing two fence panels though
  4. Pay off existing mortgage. Check. This is a biggie, and we’re still waiting for the final confirmation to come through, but the house is almost officially ours to sell.
  5. Choose an estate agent. Check. We were big fans of the Purple Bricks offering and flat-rate policy, and we’ve been completely impressed by them so far. We meet our designated expert, the lovely Annie.
  6. Have house valued. Check. The valuation was top end of what we had been hoping for based on other sales in the area so we were happy to go with Annie’s recommendation

And then came the scary bits, which suggested that we were actually going ahead with this preposterous plan. A “For Sale” sign appeared almost unnoticed at the front of our house. We were “Coming Soon” for a while on the Purple Bricks website. Then came the photograph-taking, with Mr Fletche and I following Annie around, clutching stray objects to our bosoms and trying not to get in any shots. An actual advert, live on t’internet.


Well, I’d buy it…

The open-house viewing, booked, with a stream of interested parties eager to have a nose around the Fletcher household. The actual open-house viewing, where Mr Fletche and I get well out of the way and leave our other designated expert Kristian to host the stream of interested parties eager to have a nose around the Fletcher household.

The first offer, well above asking price and just 15 minutes after the viewing window has opened. The other offers, some well below the asking price, others hovering just below. The checking and double checking with Annie that that first offer is genuine, and not just someone that’s accidentally added £10k onto their offer. The realisation that not only is that offer genuine, but there’s no chain, mortgage is agreed and the buyer is practically ready to move in.

via Giphy

Which is how we come to today, just a month after the house went on the market, with a “Sold, Subject to Contract” status. Solicitors on both sides are poised to cross the t’s and dot the i’s. Mr Fletche and I need to start looking at apartment options. We need to start buying packing boxes, bubble wrap and tape (eBay is my friend). We have reasonably clear diaries in June, July and August, except for our Malta holiday and Mr Fletche’s exhibition at the Gunmakers Arms.

Fingers crossed that it’s plain sailing from here on in! And I’ll leave you with the motto of all removal firms – the immortal words of Zig and Zag Reel to Real..


16 responses to “I like to move it (move it)…The next phase!”

  1. Wow well done, fast sell! It’s not an easy time selling a house, I went through it last year, but a Brilliant feeling after everything is done and dusted and you’re sat with your glass of something in your new place, And Breatheeeee 🙂

  2. Wonderful Em, now to the exciting part of finding a new abode. What I found surprising is that you had to pay off your mortgage before you could sell it. In NZ the monies from the selling firstly a deposit goes to the agent until final papers are sorted then the rest to the bank and if a mortgage is attached to the property then the bank gets their money first the rest is the owners.

  3. rachaelstray says:

    Aw that’s great news congratulations! You can get boxes from supermarkets and shops for free so always worth asking. Banana boxes are great for books!

  4. That’s so fab to hear, well done to you!! That didn’t take long at all and you must be thrilled and maybe a bit nervous too.

  5. ellenbest24 says:

    I love your post and that you sold spit spot as M Poppins would say. But.your lack of investment in bricks and mortar slightly a scares me, from a safety net view. I can not wait to see what tricksy things you do on your new adventure.

  6. josypheen says:

    Wooow good work Em!

    Are you going to take that money and come and live in Canada!? 😉 I promise it’d be fun!

  7. We’ll done, your hard work obviously paid off with such a quick sale. I hope everything goes to plan and the rest of the transition moves swiftly.

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