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Where Next? Malta

Malta Harbour brightly coloured fishing boats

Five Fun Facts about Malta

  1. The name Malta is supposedly derived from the Greek word melite meaning “honey-sweet”. Indeed Malta has it’s own endemic species of bee which produces a unique type of honey 
  2. More Maltese people are living abroad than there are citizens in Malta. The population of Malta is 432,000ish; but there are thought to be over 1,500,000 Maltese people (or with Maltese descent) living around the world.  Oh, and citizens of Malta are Maltese. They are not Malteasers. 
  3. Traditional Maltese fishing boats are painted in bright colours and have Eyes of Osiris painted on them to protect the fishermen from evil spirits
  4. Malta made the world record books in 2011 for the largest amount of people in one place dressed as story book characters.  Singapore however broke this record in 2014
  5. Britney Spears’ great-great-grandfather was born in Malta in 1873

No Britney, that is true. Gif via Giphy

Later on this month, we’re off to Malta for the first time, so here’s some of the things we’ve got planned so far!

Visit Malta’s former capital Mdina

Mdina sits in the centre of Malta, it’s narrow cobbled streets encircled by perfectly-preserved fortified walls – it’s a taste of the Malta of the past and is known as the “Silent City”. Fontanella Tea Garden comes recommended for delicious cakes and spectacular views

Eat freshly caught fish and seafood in Marsaxlokk

This picturesque fishing village on the south-east coast is where those brightly coloured, eye-adorned boats can be found, and a promenade lined with restaurants serving the day’s catch.

Stroll through the streets of current capital city Valetta

Valetta is a small UNESCO World Heritage city, covering less than a square kilometre, filled with historic buildings, brightly-coloured doors and beautiful balconies. And there are great panoramic views of the harbour from the colonaded Upper Barraka Gardens, and from the water on the ferry between Valetta and the Three Cities.

Take a boat trip to the uninhabited island of Comino

We’ve already booked our Comino Day Cruise with English Rose Cruises after it was recommended by another blogger! We’ll get to sail inside the natural caves, and swim and snorkel at the famous Blue Lagoon. All for a bargain 13€ per person.

Eat lots of pastizzi

Filled with mushy peas or ricotta cheese, this savoury pastry is a Maltese fast-food favourite. There are pastizzerias and street vendors all over Malta, but Crystal Garden in Rabat comes highly recommended

Take a day trip to Gozo

Gozo is Malta’s “sister” island, just a 20 minute ferry ride from Cirkewwa. It has architectural wonders in the fortified city of Victoria, a rugged coastline and secluded sandy beaches to soak up the sunshine

It’s over to you folks…what are your Malta and Gozo recommendations? Eating, drinking, sunset spots… I welcome all suggestions! Keep an eye out on my Instagram and Facebook pages for live updates, and I can’t wait to share my Maltese stories with you when we return!

Red Phone Box in Valletta Malta


10 responses to “Where Next? Malta”

  1. ellenbest24 says:

    Rabbit is the traditional meat served everywhere. The knights templar have steeped their bones everywhere in Malta. Valetta and stJulien stood out in my memory. The park spaces for cats in st Julien were a first for me. The feeding of cats to the
    Malteese seems to be natural. They have put platform beds for them to sleep in too. The amount of classic cars that we seen was huge for such a small island. Any excuse to polish and parade them. We spotted some hilareous number plates too. Just a taste of a different look at Malta from me. 🤣😂

  2. gemmaorton says:

    Great facts about Malta! I’ve never been myself so have no tips or recommendations, but I always enjoy exploring via your blog posts. Have fun on your next adventure!

  3. thebeasley says:

    I’ve really wanted to visit Malta ever since my friend went and plastered her Instagram account with photos of her visit. Imma gonna remember this post if I ever go.

  4. Oh, how exciting for you Em. I would love to see Malta one day. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Malta. Can’t wait to read about your travels. Xx

  5. April Munday says:

    Our neighbours are Maltese and I’m always jealous when I see their holiday photos.

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