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A Day in the Life of A Travel Blogger (with a full time, non-blogger job)

A Day in the Life of a Travel Blogger

So what’s it REALLY like being a travel blogger when you’re not travelling? I’ve blogged about the challenges of this before, but what does an average weekday look like? Here’s a (tongue-in-cheek) look at a Day in the Life of a travel blogger with a full-time non-blogger job.

Disclaimer: If any of my bosses are reading this then of course it’s exaggerated for effect…

06:45: Alarm goes off. Mr Fletche bounds out of bed. I pull the duvet over me for another 8 minutes.

06:53: Second alarm goes off. I juggle make- up, hair straighteners, clothes and underwear in one hand, and my phone in the other. Quick scan of Facebook and Instagram. No time for anything in-depth.

08:09: Reach the work overflow car park after a journey cursing the traffic on the M6. Missed the 08:08 shuttle bus so have nine minutes to scroll Twitter, whilst keeping one eye out for the 08:18 bus

08:19: Missed the 08:18 bus

08:28: A five minute journey on the shuttle bus means five minutes of blogging on the go. I can get a good paragraph or so written in that time

08:34: Gloss over the fact I’m four minutes late by mumbling about traffic on the M6. Take out a million wires to set up laptop. Whilst computer thinks about logging in, make a cuppa and pin five pins from my Pinterest feed. Four travel pins and one sloth.

08:40: Log in to emails and various work systems. Forget password so have to work through numerous combinations. Open WordPress dashboard. This will sit surreptitiously in the corner of my screen in case inspiration suddenly strikes.

10:40: Two hours of actual work. Waiting for printing to be spat out of the super-duper, all singing, all dancing scan/print/copy machine. Check for travel deal emails on phone. Oooh, can we fit in a 1 week trip to Madeira, leaving tomorrow?

10:42: Back away from printer as it starts making spluttering noises. Bet they don’t have these problems in Madeira.

11:30: Conference call time. Someone’s phone isn’t on mute and Susan’s got a hacking cough. Start by doodling a palm tree. Becomes a full on tropical island on my notebook, resplendent with flamingos, infinity pool and private butler.

13:45: More work, salad for lunch which ends up half on my desk and half on my keyboard. Time to take a break away from the screen. Which consists of half an hour attached to my phone screen. Check out some of my favourite bloggers on my feed, comment on a few posts, stare at my stats in the hope that my latest post has gone viral. It hasn’t.

14:25: Wow, half an hour break goes fast doesn’t it? Oh, it’s been 40 minutes

15:20: John from two desks down is talking about his holidays. Loudly. He’s spent two weeks in an all-inclusive in Majorca and thinks he’s now half-Spanish. Apparently the hotel had a “Spanish” night with “authentic Majorcan dishes”. Imagine that! A Spanish hotel! Holding a Spanish night!

15:21: Resist the urge to slap John around the head with the straw donkey he’s now produced. HR wouldn’t understand.

16:01: Office empties out as the first wave of colleagues make their break for freedom. I have 26 minutes to plug as many destinations into Skyscanner as I can.

16:27: Close down the 34 spreadsheets I have open. Some are even work-related. Line up a travel blogger podcast for the journey home.

16:32: Shoehorned onto the shuttle bus back to the overflow car park. Have inspiration for at least 12 blog posts to write. Create bunch of drafts entitled: “Packing”, “Learn Italian” “Foods I’ve eaten”. These will sit in my drafts for months, just an ambiguous title with no context.

17:30: Battled the M6. Is it my turn to cook? Wonder if I can rustle up an amazing plate of meat like we had in Malta? Or a seafood paella like the one we shared in Tenerife? Or rice and beans as a reminder of Costa Rica? Waffles, fish fingers and beans it is then.

19:00: Have a whole evening ahead of me for blogging. I can plan, schedule social media, create Canva graphics to my hearts content. Oooh, wonder what’s on telly?

20:25: Just watched two episodes of Greys Anatomy. Definitely going to get down to a bit of blogging now. I’ll just have a quick game of Candy Crush to relax me…

20:45: Ok, lives all gone. On my phone version, Kindle version and PC version. Oh hang on, I’ve just won an hours worth of infinite lives but I’m definitely putting my phone down now.

21:45: God damn you addictive game.

21:46: I’ll just go on to Twitter to schedule some tweets for this week

21:47: Oooh, hello #GoatOfTheDay

21:48: Retweet 92 cute goats.

21:49: Mr Fletche: “Have you finished blogging for tonight? Shall we watch telly?” Look at blinking cursor on a blank page. Click Save Draft. Maybe tomorrow.

22:45: Quick scroll of Instagram Stories before bed

23:15: Reach the end of Instagram Stories. Stop myself from starting again.

02:45: Best blog idea EVER. Somewhere in between a dream about aliens invading the Jewellery Quarter and a sheep rampaging through a train station. Not to worry, I’ll remember in the morning…

06:45: Alarm goes off. Mr Fletche bounds out of bed. I pull the duvet over me for another 8 minutes…


3 responses to “A Day in the Life of A Travel Blogger (with a full time, non-blogger job)”

  1. Suzanne says:

    Haha, funny and so real for many ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Sounds about right for me too ๐Ÿ˜‚ do you guys take it on turns to cook? We do Iโ€™m more of an eater than a cooker lol.

    • emfletche says:

      I have to have a recipe to follow or I get a bit anxious – Mr Fletche is more of an โ€œexperimentalโ€ chef ๐Ÿ˜‚ Waffles and beans is my default gourmet dish ๐Ÿ˜

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