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A Brummie Home and Abroad’s Travel Wishlist (Part 3)

A Brummie Home and Abroad: Travel Wishlist

The festive period is the perfect time for Mr Fletche and I to discuss our wish list of travel destinations for the next couple of years. Usually over wine, cheese and chocolate. With Japan already in the diary for 2020, and a trip to Morocco in 2021 with the parents to start planning, here are five more destinations which have joined our ever-growing Travel Wishlist.

Want to read my previous Travel Wishlists? You can find them here and here! How many places do you think we’ve crossed off so far?


On The Travel Wishlist: The Balkan States

High on the list of November wedding anniversary destinations for 2020 is a visit to the Balkan States. Depending on flight costs, we’re pretty flexible as to whether we head for the colourful old town of Vilnius, the medieval magic of Tallinn, or the art nouveau architecture of Riga. Or why stop at one? The capitals are well-connected by public transport, or driving is also an option as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are all Schengen countries. This road trip blog post from Bruised Passports has given me loads of great ideas!

On The Travel Wishlist: Leeds

We visited both Liverpool and Manchester in 2019, and whilst both are on my “to be revisited” list, Leeds is on my UK city break list for 2020. I used to spend a lot of time up in Leeds in my old job – I’ve been stuck on the “Leeds Loop” on more than one occasion – but never got to see more than an office and the occasional lunchtime sandwich shop. But I’ve heard that it’s a good foodie city, bustling with independent businesses – and there are loads of friendly bloggers based up there that could give me loads of great local tips!

On The Travel Wishlist: New Zealand

OK, so this one is a little further afield than Leeds. But the idea of roadtripping in a camper van for a couple of weeks is an absolute dream holiday. Snow-capped mountains. Rolling hills. Vineyards. Stunning hiking trails. Beautiful beaches. Glaciers. Cities full of character. A glow worm cave. Everything about New Zealand excites me. I mean, just look at the beautiful pictures in this blog post from Bridges and Balloons.

On The Travel Wishlist: the Italian Lakes

I adore Italy. I think I’ve mentioned that before. On our last visit we had a fleeting view of Lake Garda as we travelled by train between Milan and Verona, and that glimpse whet our appetites for more. So the Italian lakes may well be a contender for a September birthday trip this year. Imagine waking up on your birthday, breakfast served on a pristine white tablecloth, on a balcony overlooking the azure waters of Lake Como. A mid-morning coffee, sitting outside a cafe in a cobbled plaza, watching moped drivers whizz past. Exploring the medieval architecture of Bergamo, at the foothills of the Alps. Sipping a chilled white wine in a picturesque village on the shores of Lake Garda. Take me there now!

On The Travel Wishlist: Lisbon

Portugal’s capital city has long been on the travel wishlist, particularly since we visited Porto back in 2016. If only so I can grab more of those authentic pastal da nata. Hilly streets, rattling trams and those beautiful azulejo adorning buildings are all iconic Portugese sights. And who doesn’t want to end a night singing the characteristically mournful Fado songs in a late-night haunt at Bairro Alto. Plus its a short train trip to the castles of Sintra, and to Belem – original home of those delicious custard tarts.

So how many can we cross off in 2020? New Zealand is a no-go this year. After all Japan is sapping up almost half of our annual leave days. But the other four are definitely doable this year. And from previous wishlists? We still haven’t made it to Madrid or Peru. Dublin or Singapore. And the Oregon coast is still on our wishlist too. That’ll keep us going for the next few years. Plus, Mr Fletche has a big zero-ending birthday coming round in 2022, so hopefully we’ll get to cross one of those big trips off then. Better start planning. And saving.

What destinations are on your travel wishlist? And if you’ve visited any of the destinations mentioned here, which do you recommend the most? What should we definitely book up for 2020? Let me know in the comments!



4 responses to “A Brummie Home and Abroad’s Travel Wishlist (Part 3)”

  1. josypheen says:

    Oooh such a fab list Em!!

    I know you will have a blast in Japan, but I love that you’ve mixed some far-distant and super close spots for your new list. 😀 Kiwiland will make you soooo happy (and probably turn you into an accidental hiker again…)

    • emfletche says:

      Thanks Josy – what are your travel plans for 2020?

      • josypheen says:

        I’m not very sure! There are so many mountains I want to explore in Canada, that we might concentrate on those.

        I reeeally want to visit Korea and Patagonia, but I don’t know if we can manage it this year. I may need to go back to the UK to see my new niece and nephew!

  2. I think Leeds is right up your street as I think it’s quite similar to Birmingham actually. There’s different sections of the city and lots of independent businesses and places to eat. It’s northern so it’s friendly. I really like Leeds.

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