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A Brummie At Home…Indefinitely?

A Brummie At Home...Indefinitely

I stare at this blank page screen and wonder what to write. There are around 30 drafts sitting here in my WordPress account, some half-written, some just titles. None of them feel appropriate any more. Many are in preparation for all the Japan content I was excited to bring you. But now these too are just blank pages.

So what DO I blog about?

I blog about travel, but no-one’s travelling. Including me. I blog about theatre, but theatres have shut their doors for the foreseeable future. I blog about Birmingham events, but all upcoming events have been cancelled or postponed. I occasionally even blog about food and drink but when bars and restaurants are being forced to closed – some temporarily, some for good – my thoughts on a great burger or awesome brunch are suddenly out of date. I had two blog posts all ready to go this week, all about supporting local independents through this tough time. But I look through these drafts now, written just days ago, and scarcely any of my favourites remain open for business.

Blogging for me is a fun hobby with occasional perks. Sometimes people even read it. I have a full time job, although my office for the foreseeable future is our dining table. I’m a Learning & Development Coordinator. I’ve spent three months arranging this year’s training courses, only to cancel them all in the space of 24 hours. At the moment, my income is safe, and so is Mr Fletche’s. But who knows if that may change. I look at many of my blogger friends, self-employed, freelancers, and I fear for them. Their financial future is not guaranteed.

All about Social Distancing

We are already practicing social distancing. We make an occasional supermarket dash to see what meagre supplies are left. A family wedding on Saturday has been cancelled. I will see Ma Lee at the weekend for Mother’s Day, but I’ll be shying away from the usual hugs. Not for fear of catching anything myself – although I’d rather not, thank you very much – but for fear of transferring something over to them. They’re not yet in the elderly or vulnerable category, but I don’t want to even unknowingly infect them with something I may have picked up from Coughing Colin in Aldi.

It’s not all woe is me

I’ve moved into a beautiful house which thankfully all went through well before the shit hit the proverbial. We will take the opportunity – if it ever stops raining – to get outside, be it to tidy up our garden or to take a stroll through one of the National Trust parks or gardens which thankfully remain open free of charge (at the time of writing). I might get to finish that copywriting course I started almost two years ago. I will bake more, adding to my repertoire of 10 different ways to make banana bread. Adriene is my new yoga buddy.

But I might give this blog a break for a while. I still have those 30ish drafts to finish, but they may not see the light of day until travelling becomes an option again. I’ll use the time to revamp those old terribly written blog posts that no one ever visits. To create new Pinterest pins. To work on SEO (none of that in this post!) for when people do want to start searching for travel blogs again.

I’ll still be around on Twitter and Facebook but Instagram will be a bit quieter. Unless you like photos of my lounge or the inside of my fridge. And when the time is right, A Brummie Home and Abroad will be back, with theatre, travel, food, drink and lots of Brum stuff.

But for now, stay safe, wash your hands and see you on the other side

Emmalene, A Brummie At Home…indefinitely xx


2 responses to “A Brummie At Home…Indefinitely?”

  1. Rachael Stray says:

    I was so ready to live your Japan trip through your blog and socials and I’m so disappointed for you guys. This is such a worrying and strange time that we’re in but we readers will be here ready for when things calm down and we’re able to travel and go out and eat and enjoy the theatre once again.

    • emfletche says:

      Thank you honey, it just feels like there’s so much more important stuff out there at the moment. At some point I’m going to get sick and tired of scrolling the news feeds, and in those times my blog will be my little haven and remind me that good times are ahead! Hope you, Steve and Elsie stay well xx

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