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Dear Diary…Week 2 of Social Distancing (The Lockdown Edition)

This is a blog post all about Week 2 of Social Distancing by A Brummie Home and Abroad

Well, A Brummie Home and Abroad fans – shit got real this week didn’t it? After my previous post, we gathered as a nation to watch Boris tell us that lots of people had ignored his polite advice to stay at home. He went short of saying that the UK would be on lockdown, but guys, we know we’re in lockdown right? So stay home, stay safe, stay sane and enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Here’s how week 2 of social distancing – and our first week in lockdown – went.

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Day 7

At last some interaction with real people. By that, I mean a person that I am not married to.

It’s my new doctors surgery telling me that a prescription I didn’t expect has been issued to a pharmacy near where I no longer live. What follows is a conversation with a very helpful lady from the Boots pharmacy. And a conversation with a not so helpful lady from Lloyds Pharmacy*. Consequently, my prescription is up in “the NHS cloud”. It’s for Vitamin D apparently. It may be quicker to stand in the garden and wait for sunshine than to get this sorted out.

*I appreciate that our pharmacy workers are vital right now, under a lot of strain and don’t need me wittering on about my non-essential prescription*

In other news, in an attempt to stop me from endlessly scrolling through my Twitter feed, Mr Fletche introduces me to Overcooked 2 on the PS4. Apparently this “fun kitchen-based” game requires immense collaboration skills. Something we clearly need to work on. I keep throwing food into the air and Mr Fletche has set fire to the kitchen more times than I can count. Not helped by the fact that I have a tendency to randomly walk around with the fire extinguisher. Usually away from the direction of the fire. We’ve crossed opening a restaurant together off our list of future life goals.

Days 8 and 9

It’s been a week since I’ve washed my hair and my fringe is plastered to my forehead. I try and make myself presentable for our daily walk so as not to scare the Coleshill residents. Although this may make social distancing a little easier.

A collage of shots from a riverside walk, including yellow daffodils and red tulips

Taking our government-approved outdoors time

Crows have moved into our eaves. We can hear them scrabbling around and we guess their chicks will be hatching soon. So that should make for an interesting dawn chorus. Almost makes up for us moving away from the JQ seagulls.

In life imitating art (or a PS4 game), Mr Fletche has managed to set fire to the oven gloves. Whilst he is wearing them. However, if this had been a game of Overcooked, I would be throwing the fire extinguisher down the rubbish chute and flinging pasta at his head.

Day 9 is also the day that we “Clap For Our Carers”. Not having the chance to get to know our neighbours yet, I half hang out of the bedroom window. When the clapping begins, I’m quite emotional. By the time it’s finished and I can hear clapping echoing round the block, I’m a weeping wreck. I feel a sense of community. I’d like to go round and shake all my new neighbours hands. But social distancing and all that. So I’ll probably just politely nod to them in the street.

Day 10

In an effort to inject some levity into his daily team video conference, Mr Fletche is geared up for Fancy Dress Friday. He is excited to finally wear his Luigi outfit, only to find that his moustache has been misplaced during the house move. Cue Mr Fletche storming upstairs in a blue and green onesie, huffing and puffing “well I can’t wear this now can I?”. Like a 48 year old toddler.

Not to be deterred, he digs out the doctors scrubs* he purchased for last years Rocky Horror show at The Alex. He leaves off the wig, lipstick and pearls though. That may be next week’s outfit if he can’t find his moustache. I’ve also offered to lend him my Wenda from Where’s Wally outfit.

*These are not real doctors scrubs. We are not denying the NHS essential PPE just so Mr Fletche can play dress up*

We haven’t ventured out for supplies since last Monday (we’re still making our way through olives and celery) but today we have a special delivery from Arch 13. Meat. Cheese. Wine. This is to be a special weekend treat. Although who the fuck knows where the week starts and ends these days.

Oh, and half the people running the country appear to now have Coronavirus.

Day 11

It’s Saturday. Apparently. Today we should be making our last minute preparations before flying to Japan. I should have my entire wardrobe laid out on my bed. I should be ensuring I have my essential long-haul aeroplane kit ready. Instead I’m dyeing Mr Fletche’s hair and reheating last nights Indian takeaway.

On the subject of hair – what ARE we all going to do about essential hair care? I have abandoned my hair straighteners but a cut is now overdue. I have already snipped at my fringe more than once. There’s definitely going to be a Crystal Tipps vibe going on.

Attempted some garden maintenance. Gave up after five minutes as I have no idea what is weed and what is not. Plan is to wait and see what comes up as flowers and what doesn’t. The driveway tulips are looking nice though.

Surprisingly, this is the first day I’ve felt a bit aimless. I spend a lot of time sitting in the conservatory, drinking tea, re-reading Harry Potter. I remind myself that it’s okay to feel this way. That I don’t have to use all this newfound spare time to be creative, or to educate myself. That it’s okay to just wallow for a while. Mr Fletche, Adriene and I have a yoga threesome in the conservatory and that lifts my spirits a little. As does breaking open the Arch 13 goodie bag. It’s meat, cheese and wine for tea. It’s like the bit between Christmas and New Year all over again.

A cheese and meat platter from Arch13

What I’m Reading:

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix – J.K Rowling (Affiliate Link)

The Break – Marian Keyes (Affiliate Link)

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle – Stuart Turton (Affiliate Link)

What I’m Watching:

Better Call Saul (Netflix – current season), The Walking Dead (Fox – current season), Picard – (Amazon Prime – current season), Outlander (Amazon Prime – Season 3), Peaky Blinders (Netflix – Season 2), Veep (Now TV – Season 1)

Films I’ve Watched:

Platform (Netflix)

This is a blog post all about Week 2 of Social Distancing by A Brummie Home and Abroad


2 responses to “Dear Diary…Week 2 of Social Distancing (The Lockdown Edition)”

  1. Helen Millard says:

    Thanks Emm, enjoyed this…the cooking malarkey made me laugh out loud 😂

  2. Rachael Stray says:

    It’s definitely ok to feel a bit lost especially when you’ve no structure on a weekend when you work during the week albeit from home. That cheese and meat selection looks so good! I am enjoying your covid19 diaries. The clap for Carter’s was really emotional. I was putting Elsie to bed and could just hear our whole estate clapping and it was honestly beautiful. My mam is a nurse and my dad is a porter so Steve was on our doorstep clapping. I helped my team share videos of our firefighters doing their bit. Our South Shields Station is opposite a hospital so the crew went to the A&E entrance (social distancing) and clapped and the staff were all in Hirs – beautiful.

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