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50 Thoughts on Packing for a UK Minibreak

  1. Oooh goodie, time to start packing for our UK Minibreak.
  2. What sort of ridiculous accommodation doesn’t have its own towels?
  3. Oh, a caravan right
  4. Is anyone likely to see me in my pyjamas? Is My Little Pony suitable for a 42 year old? How about Tweetie Pie?
  5. Will there be a beautiful backdrop for the perfect Instagram snap? Better pack a flowy dress and floppy hat
  6. Will I need to walk through muddy cow filled fields to get there? Ok, then, chuck in the wellies and a bobble hat.
  7. What will the vibe in The Stardust Cabaret Bar be? Smart casual? Sunday best? Black tie? Better pack for all dress codes.
  8. What do you mean “you’ll probably just wear in the evening what you’ve worn all day?”
  9. I’ll only need two pairs of shoes
  10. Ok, maybe three
  11. Four’s not unreasonable
  12. We’re taking the car, I can just throw in every bloody pair of shoes I own. And every coat just for good measure.
  13. I’ve checked the weather, it’s going to be sunny
  14. But with a bit of light cloud
  15. And then a bit of dark cloud
  16. Thunderstorms? WTF?
  17. Is there a weather app which is a bit more consistent?
  18. Three days away. Will nine pairs of knickers be ok?
  19. Oh hang on, is there an M&S within a 20 mile radius? Oh, I’ll just take 6 pairs then
  20. Will our gentle walk turn into a full on hike? Better pack the hiking boots, leggings, rucksack and waterproof trousers, just in case. Don’t want to get caught out on the South West Coastal Path. Again.
  21. I love my denim jacket but as I’m not a euro throwback from the 80s I can’t wear it with jeans
  22. Can I? Is double denim cool again these days? Vogue says it is.
  23. I’ll leave my denim jacket
  24. But it goes with that dress
  25. I’ll pack the denim jacket. And a jacket that goes with jeans. And I’ll throw in that coat that I wore once 5 years ago.
  26. Where’s my favourite T-shirt
  27. In the wash basket? Seriously?
  28. Smells ok, bit of a spritz with the posh ironing water and it’ll be fine. Don’t worry about the tea stain, I’ll cover it with a badge
  29. Let the wardrobe World Cup commence. In the first round, spotted dress vs flowery dress.
  30. Too hard to decide. Let’s put both on the maybe pile
  31. Black skinny jeans or blue mom jeans?
  32. Too hard to decide. Let’s put both on the maybe pile
  33. Maybe pile reaches the ceiling. Discarded pile is non-existent
  34. Let’s just try a few outfits on
  35. Oooh, this goes together really well
  36. Totally not suitable for a UK minibreak though
  37. Maybe with the denim jacket?
  38. Yep, that’s my day 1 outfit sorted.
  39. Unless it rains
  40. Need an alternative day 1 outfit for inclement weather.
  41. These jeans have really shrunk during lockdown
  42. The discarded pile has one item. Progress.
  43. I’ll just try a few more outfits on
  44. I have no suitable clothes
  45. Why does nothing fit?
  46. Why did I even buy this? What look was I going for?
  47. Ah, this should be in the fancy dress cupboard. Don’t think Rocky Horror is the look I’m aiming for.
  48. Might come in handy at The Stardust Cabaret Club though
  49. Let’s chuck it back on the maybe pile
  50. Pack it all. We’re in the car. There are no pesky luggage restrictions. The beauty of packing for a UK minibreak.

4 responses to “50 Thoughts on Packing for a UK Minibreak”

  1. Currently searching for a UK mini break. Everything half decent is booked till end of October. Made a mistake of turning down a cottage in Wales because I thought it was too expensive. I was wrong. Looked at hiring a motor home. Yeah, not happening at the cost. As for packing for the UK, yup. Need all of the stuff.

    • emfletche says:

      This is where I’ve largely found Airbnb to be our saviour for short breaks. I normally wouldn’t look at a holiday site but for our upcoming break Ma and Pa Lee have booked us all a chalet as a treat 👍🏻

  2. Oh my goodness how true – chuck it all in there’s no baggage limit! We haven’t had a staycation this year as ours got cancelled and we couldn’t get anything booked for our week off this week. This will definitely be us next year though!! I’m pretty sure Steve would pack the kitchen sink if he could. He’s terrible.

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