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Superbloom at the Tower Of London

As part of Ma and Pa Lee’s golden wedding anniversary celebrations, we booked tickets to Superbloom. To celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the Tower of London moat has been filled with over 20 million seeds. This has created a stunning wildflower meadow, right in the heart of London.

There’s a free viewing platform, but for the full sensory experience, tickets are available to walk among the flower-festooned pathways. This is the best way to fully appreciate the entire spectacle, with the sights, smells and sounds – yes, sounds – of Superbloom. We pre-booked our tickets for 5pm hoping to catch a little late afternoon July sunshine. Naturally, it was cloudy and drizzly.

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Despite the cloudy skies, the wildflowers did their best to put on a colourful display. The recent heatwave and record-breaking temperatures had sadly taken their toll. Luckily, this is a permanent fixture on the London landscape and it will be interesting to see how this evolves through the seasons.

We amble from the west moat, through to north and east, the circuit completing close to the riverside. The primary backdrop is naturally the walls of the Tower of London, but at other times a mix of modern and historic London architecture provide a different background. Willow arches, with climbing and trailing flowers, line the final pathways, as sunflowers and poppies jostle for any light that might peep through the clouds. Metal sculptures of dragonflies and butterflies dance in the breeze.

Superbloom for all the senses

Volunteers are happy to chat about the specific flower mix which has been planted to attract pollinators to this urban space. 29 species have been carefully selected. Bees buzz around us, legs heavy with pollen. The sounds of the city start to melt into the distance as we walk along the winding path. They are replaced by a specially curated soundscape, “Music for Growing Flowers”, composed by Erland Cooper. Signs encourage us to download this at home to play to our own plants. Paul and Brian* won’t know what’s hit them.

*Paul and Brian are our houseplants. Brian recently needed a haircut and Paul has taken to swooning dramatically in the conservatory. We’ll see how they react to a bit of Erland Cooper.

I was pleasantly surprised at how quiet it was during our visit, on a Thursday afternoon just after 5pm. We could walk around comfortably, and stop to take photos without disrupting others. And this meant there was no queue for the slide.

Yes. The slide. The grown-ups visiting Superbloom were fully taking advantage of the lack of kids around, grabbing a hessian sack and launching themselves down the slide. Some people even screamed hysterically. That may have been me. (Checks video footage. Yep, that was definitely me). Ma and Pa Lee sensibly held our bags at the bottom.

Buy Superbloom Tickets

The current Superbloom display is open to visitors until 18th September 2022. Pre-booking tickets online is highly recommended, although they can also be purchased on the day, subject to availability. You can experience Superbloom at all times of the day, with extended opening times during the summer.

Superbloom only tickets are £12 for adults, £9.60 for concessions and £6 for children. You can also choose to add a small donation on top. These tickets give access to Superbloom only, but there are combined tickets available if you also wish to visit the Tower of London.

Superbloom is fully accessible, and the pathways are wide and flat. There are also guided tours available for visually impaired visitors, and quiet sessions for those with autism and other sensory needs.

Book your Superbloom tickets here


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  1. Rachael Stray says:

    I love this idea – something beautiful that people can enjoy and bees!!

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