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A Peak District Minibreak in Tideswell

Tideswell is the perfect place for a Peak District minibreak - it's not known as the Cathedral of the Peak for nothing.…

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Beside the Seaside in Southwold

Southwold was the perfect place for a birthday stroll, a glass of Adnam's Gin or Beer, and of course, a fish and chip lunch…

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Choo Choo Moo: A Glamping Kinda Birthday

In the heart of rural Norfolk, you can find luxury glamping with a railway twist. Welcome to Choo Choo Moo.…

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A Family Getaway to Polperro. Call the Coastguard.

Just Mom, Dad, two kids and a family getaway to Polperro. Except the two kids are in their forties (and married to each other). And the two kids are the ones keeping a watchful eye on the two wild 66 year olds. Making sure they restrict their sugar intake. Get to bed at a reasonable time. That sort of thing. And also trying to socially…

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AirBnb Review: The Little Tump, Herefordshire

Who doesn't want to stay in a beautiful Airbnb overlooking sheep and mountains? The Little Tump in Herefordshire offers all this and more.…

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50 Thoughts on Packing for a UK Minibreak

Packing for a beach holiday is easy. But packing for a UK Minibreak is a whole other ball game. You need to make some very difficult decisions…

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Eat Out To Help Out: Dishoom Birmingham

Dishoom has arrived in Birmingham. So does it live up to the hype? We visited in August during the Eat Out To Help Out initiative …

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How to spend 24 Hours in Llandeilo

Surrounded by beautiful Welsh countryside and immense castles, why not consider 24 hours in Llandeilo for your next UK minibreak?…

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