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Travel Moments That Spark Joy

A Brummie Home and Abroad goes all Marie Kondo for the March #TravelLinkUp and considers those travel moments that spark joy…

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Mother’s Day Inspiration: Gin and Afternoon Tea

A Brummie Home and Abroad took Ma Lee on a gin-tasting/afternoon tea experience in Birmingham - a great idea for a Mother's Day treat!…

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6 great places to eat and drink in Liverpool

Planning a Liverpool city break? Here's a quick guide to 6 places to eat and drink in Liverpool, according to A Brummie Home and Abroad! Features brunch, tapas, street food and craft beer.…

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The Honest Truth About Taking a Group Tour…

What's it really like on a group tour? What's the best way to handle a group tour if you're an introvert? Here's the lowdown on our recent Costa Rica trip!…

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Theatre Review: Avenue Q

The foul-mouthed, X-Rated puppets of Avenue Q are here in Brum until Saturday. These puppets are absolutely, definitely not kid-friendly.…

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Are You an Aisle or Window Seat Person?

Aisle or window seat? The age old question for those who frequently travel by plane. A Brummie Home and Abroad has pondered the pros and cons.…

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Oh ‘appy Days: Take me with you wherever you go with GPSmyCity!

(AD) Oh ‘appy days. Did you know you can now take A Brummie Home and Abroad wherever you go? GPSmyCity have turned a number of my city guides into an app - and now there are three more guides available!…

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Living La Pura Vida in Costa Rica: Do You Know The Way To San Jose?

It's the final leg of our Costa Rica Grand Tour, and we leave the rainforests and wildlife behind and head for the bright lights of San Jose!…

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A Day in Food: A Brummie Home and Abroad Guide to Eating Out in Birmingham

Planning on eating out in Birmingham? A Brummie Home and Abroad decided to spend January trying out new breakfast, lunch and dinner spots…

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Theatre Review: Abigail’s Party

Cheese and pineapple sticks. Demis Roussos. Shag pile and wood-panelling. Welcome to the latest touring production of Mike Leigh's Abigail's Party…

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