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24 hours in Rotterdam: A Brummie Home and Abroad City Guide

Rotterdam deserves so much more than 24 hours, but what if that's all the time you have? Don't worry, you can hit all the main sights in just a single day!…

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Malta Travel Diaries: Comino Lagoons – Blue and Crystal

On our final day in Malta we took a boat trip to the beautiful lagoons of Comino, a sparsely populated island between Malta and Gozo. Read on to find out why the Blue Lagoon is not entirely like it's depicted in those Instagram pictures...…

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AirBnB Review: Staying on a Barge in Rotterdam

Why stay in a boring hotel when you can spend your weekend on a barge? Here's a quick look at our Rotterdam Airbnb experience!…

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Glamping: Living Like Shepherds at Hesleyside Huts, Northumberland

It’s our first visit to Northumberland, and our first time sleeping in a shepherds hut...Find out how we got on at Hesleyside Huts!…

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Pieminister Birmingham: Sunday Best

Sunday roast or pie? Why not have both? Pieminister invited A Brummie Home and Abroad to sample their Sunday Best, part of their new autumn menu…

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Travel Diaries: Festa with the locals in Rabat and Mdina

We stumbled upon the feast of St Paul on our trip to Rabat - and it was great fun! I also got to stand in front of one of the most Instagrammable doors in Mdina...…

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Theatre Review: Saturday Night Fever

How does this gritty 70s film translate into a stage show? Does this 40 years plus story stand the test of time on stage? A Brummie Home and Abroad reviews Saturday Night Fever…

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Living in the City: A Life Update

It's been a bit quiet over on A Brummie Home and Abroad lately. Mostly because of a) moving house and b) no wifi... Here's a life update!…

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Malta Travel Diaries: Exploring Marsaxlokk, Blue Grotto and St Peter’s Pool

It's time for A Brummie Home and Abroad to explore the south east of Malta - Marsaxlokk, Blue Grotto and St Peter’s Pool…

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Out and About in Birmingham: Summer in Digbeth Special

It’s been a summer of beer, food, more beer and more food in Digbeth... Not such a hidden gem anymore, there’s always loads going on in this creative hub! …

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