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USA Sept 2010: A Las Vegas Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me…. Except when the alarm goes off at a shockingly early 5am, I really don’t feel like celebrating… Mr Fletche tentatively asks if I still want to get up for sunrise. Hell, I’m awake now aren’t I… and as much as I would love to spend another hour or two catching up on the sleep that has eluded…

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USA Sept 2010 – Grand Canyon – Just a big hole in the ground?

Once again, I’m up early enough to watch the sunrise. Are my sleep patterns ever going to return? Although the nap in the middle of yesterday afternoon probably didn’t help matters… Another Starbucks run from Mr Fletche (“Did you know there were people down there that looked as if they’d been there all night?”); a ransacking of the bathroom products and we’re all packed and…

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USA Sept 2010: Discovering Vegas

Its a long walk to the Vegas sign. A very very long walk. No-one warned us of this...…

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Viva Las Vegas: USA Travel Diaries

In the first travel diary of our USA Road Trip, we visit Las Vegas. It's bright, brash, loud - and very overwhelming when you're dealing with jetlag!…

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Starting anew…

Sit back, pour a glass of an appropriate travel-related beverage (prosecco for Italy, vodka for Krakow, a nice, strong beer for Belgium...) and enjoy the stories of the world as told by A Brummie Home and Abroad...…

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