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Wanna go to the Foodies Festival Birmingham? Read on! (Competition now closed)

I had a great time at the Foodies Festival in 2017 - and now you could have the chance to win tickets for this year's event!…

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Three Scottish Highland roads that are a dream to drive…

There is so much to explore in the Scottish Highlands, and if you have a car, here are three of my favourite scenic drives from our recent trip!…

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What does Travel Luxury mean anyway?

This month's #'TravelLinkUp is chatting about all things luxurious and opulent. Not the way that A Brummie Home and Abroad usually travels...…

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I like to move it (move it)…The next phase!

An occasional series on how to sell your house and pretend you;re an adult...…

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Flying High: My first helicopter flight!

It's time to take to the skies as A Brummie Home and Abroad takes her first ever helicopter flight, with Mr Fletche in tow...…

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Theatre Review: Legally Blonde – Omigod You Guys!

It's time to Bend and Snap with Elle, Paulette and Bruiser! Legally Blonde the Musical is currently playing at the New Alex Theatre in Birmingham…

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A Brummie Home and Abroad does Bloggers Bash!

It's the Annual Bloggers Bash 2018! And A Brummie Home and Abroad is being let loose in London for it...…

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Hotel Du Vin Birmingham Afternoon Tea

It's a return to a more traditional afternoon tea for A Brummie Home and Abroad and Ma Lee at Birmingham's Hotel Du Vin…

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6 Amazing Easy Hikes to take in Jasper and Banff National Parks

There are few more spectacular places to hike than the National Parks of Banff and Jasper in the Canadian province of Alberta - here are 6 easy-peasy walks to consider on your visit!…

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The challenge of being a travel blogger when you’re not travelling

How to be a travel blogger when you can’t travel as much as you’d like. Or as much as you can afford.…

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So what IS a Brummie?

Welcome to my World!

I’m Emmalene, a 40 something with a passion for travel, theatre, food, drink and the occasional accidental hike! I’m a born-and-bred Birmingham native so expect lots of Brum content on here too…

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