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How do you fancy winning an annual subscription to GPSmyCity with access to city walks and articles in over 1000 cities?…

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Cirque Berserk: Death-defying and a little bit bonkers

A Brummie Home and Abroad was invited along to the New Alexandra Theatre with Mr Fletche in tow for a night of death-defying and hair-raising tricks. And that was just us battling the rush-hour traffic into Brum in time for pre-show drinks...…

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Mom or Mum? A Mothers Day debate

To 87.5% of Brummies, the woman who gives birth to you will be a Mom and not a Mum...…

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Moving on up: Channelling our inner M People

A Brummie Home and Abroad is moving house for the first time in 22 years. At least, she will once all the items on her to-do list are ticked off...…

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Bodega Birmingham: New Menu Launch

Bitters N Twisted kindly invited me along to sample their new menu...…

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48 Hours in Porto: A City Guide

Here's A Brummie Home and Abroad's Guide to spending a perfect 48 hours in Porto…

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A Business Class Experience with Qatar Airways

The best Business Class in the world? I got to test it out this week with Qatar Airways!…

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Theatre Review: Strangers on a Train at New Alex Theatre

You know that situation when you have an innocent conversation with a stranger, on a train, and then you end up in a web of deceit, blackmail and psychological torment?…

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A Cocktail Masterclass at Tom’s Kitchen

To celebrate the end of what must be the longest January in history, Tom’s Kitchen and Rewired PR invited a handful of Brum Bloggers along to sample three of the cocktails from the bar’s menu. Only thing was, we had to make them first……

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Travel tales: A Runaway Reindeer

"I got nudged in the neck twice by a reindeer fortunately not one with antlers otherwise it could have been quite painful" Thank you to a good friend who will remain anonymous for this story of a reindeer rampage in Lapland...…

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So what IS a Brummie?

Welcome to my World!

I’m Emmalene, a 40 something with a passion for travel, theatre, food, drink and the occasional accidental hike! I’m a born-and-bred Birmingham native so expect lots of Brum content on here too…

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