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Reflecting on lives lost

Inncocent lives were lost last week, but why aren't we lighting up our monuments in the colours of Lebanon?…

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USA Sept 2013: Bye to New Hampshire, Hello to Vermont!

Bye bye New Hampshire, land of moose and mountains. Hello Vermont, land of Ben & Jerrys :)…

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USA Road Trippin’: Live Free or Die… Discovering New Hampshire!

Beautiful views, fall foliage, mountains and a bike ride... we love you New Hampshire!…

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50 memorable travel (and other) experiences

A fellow blogger posted a wonderful blog recently about his top 50 memorable experiences. I thought it would be a nice retrospective to look at everywhere I've been so far - sort of a reverse bucket list...…

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Autumn Market at the Bond in Digbeth, Birmingham – October 31st, 2015

I’m ashamed to say that I don’t always go to the local festivals and events that I so regularly post about on Facebook and Twitter, but I’m glad I made the effort to go to the Autumn Market at the Bond in Digbeth on Saturday……

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USA Sept 2013: Discovering Maine – Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park

Hiking, lobster, pie and sunsets. Shouting at the bank, rainy days and huge sandwiches. …

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Graduation Day… I did it!!!!

Yay...I did it!!…

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Not ANOTHER blog about Birmingham…

One of the questions that I was asked when I embarked on this mini quest to create a digital persona  to keep me out of trouble and to keep you informed about travel and Birmingham events was… Why?  And more specifically… why Birmingham? Well first of all, write about what you know.  I’m a Brummie girl, born and bred in the city.  There have been…

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New England Road Trip: The Maine Event

From New York to New England! Train Rides, meeting the Fletchemobile 2013, driving on the right (wrong) side of the road, souvenir shopping, rain, sitting in puddles, lighthouses, ice cream and a home-from-home B&B with Maine's highest bed...…

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The secret life of an Open University Psychology Student

Not a travel post. Not a Birmingham post. But a little about me as I come to the end of my journey as an Open University student...…

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So what IS a Brummie?

Welcome to my World!

I’m Emmalene, a 40 something with a passion for travel, theatre, food, drink and the occasional accidental hike! I’m a born-and-bred Birmingham native so expect lots of Brum content on here too…

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