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Kenya, June 2011: An African Adventure (Part 2)

After a much-deserved rest day, we’re off on another adventure.  We had been attracted by the sound of the Kinazini Funzi Dhow daytrip at the rep’s welcome meeting, although by the Saturday we couldn’t quite remember what it entailed. (Something about a boat, something about crocodiles, something about a sandbank?) So we are picked up at 7:20am by our driver, ready for our magical mystery…

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Kenya, June 2011: Up Close and Personal with a Masaai Warrior

I am ushered into a cow-dung hut and encouraged to share a bed with him - Mr Fletche now has photos of me in bed with a Masaai warrior...…

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Kenya, June 2011 – On Safari!

The dust kicks up, obscuring my view for a second. Who won? Does the cheetah have a good tasty gazelle meal tonight, or does the gazelle live to tell the tale?…

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Kenya: Our first African Adventure

I love travelling. I love discovering new places. What I do not like is a 9 and a half hour overnight flight, when I am biologically unable to sleep on aeroplanes, cramped into a middle aisle seat and unable to read by the 2 watt ‘nightlight’ trying to penetrate the darkness all around me. And the food is awful. So, I’m more than a little…

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Paris in the Springtime: Montmartre and Sacre Coueur

  Another church bell alarm call – and I awake in a panic – someone has cut off my legs in the night! I can’t feel them at all! And when I step out of bed, I almost fall to the floor in a graceful heap. Mr Fletche reassures me that my legs are still intact, and points out that walking ten miles the previous…

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April 2011: Paris in the Springtime (Part 2)

Walking the length and breadth of Paris...…

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April 2011: Paris in the Springtime (Part 1)

Despite being our nearest European capital city, neither of us have ever visited Paris before, so this becomes our destination of choice for Mr Fletche's birthday trip.…

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2011: Birth of a photographer (and a psychology graduate!)

Somewhere in between our trips to Edinburgh in 2010 and Paris in 2011, two things changed in the Fletcher household.  Firstly, I tentatively took my first module towards my Open University Psychology degree.  I hadn’t studied in getting on for 20 years, and decided it was high time my teeny tiny brain was challenged a little.  I chose psychology for no reason other than that…

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Edinburgh Nov 2010 – A snowy anniversary weekend (Part 2)

After a chilly night (still not quite got that thermostat right…), we wake to see…. Oh, it’s not that bad actually. I expected snow up to our knees, and Eskimos building igloos in the square, but the sun is shining, and it looks like we’ll be able to continue exploring the city today. Worrying slightly about running out of clothes – I’ve already worn every…

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Edinburgh Nov 2010 – A snowy anniversary weekend (Part 1)

In 2008, when planning a wonderful wedding at the winter end of November, Mr Fletche and I never once gave thought to how we would celebrate our subsequent anniversary celebrations. And more importantly, with Christmas budgets looming, that it would not be feasible to jet off somewhere hot and sunny (a la our Maldives honeymoon) every year. So wedding anniversary Number One was spent in…

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