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USA Sept 2010: Discovering Vegas

Its a long walk to the Vegas sign. A very very long walk. No-one warned us of this...…

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Viva Las Vegas: USA Travel Diaries

In the first travel diary of our USA Road Trip, we visit Las Vegas. It's bright, brash, loud - and very overwhelming when you're dealing with jetlag!…

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Starting anew…

Sit back, pour a glass of an appropriate travel-related beverage (prosecco for Italy, vodka for Krakow, a nice, strong beer for Belgium...) and enjoy the stories of the world as told by A Brummie Home and Abroad...…

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So what IS a Brummie?

Welcome to my World!

I’m Emmalene, a 40 something with a passion for travel, theatre, food, drink and the occasional accidental hike! I’m a born-and-bred Birmingham native so expect lots of Brum content on here too…

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